The EVRIDERS electric car club started in 2008 and has converted over 20 gas cars and trucks to electric. We also repair and upgrade Nissan LEAFs, Smart Car (Fortwo) EVs, Chevy Sparks, Think EVs, and CODAs. The club maintains a full auto shop and lift for club member use in the Midway district of San Diego and meets every Saturday. Members have expertise in fabrication, repair, maintenance, electronics, Vehicle Control Units (VCU), Battery Management Systems (BMS) and CAN bus software. Monthly membership dues are $20 for supporting members and $50 for members with projects.

Email evriderscarclub@gmail.com or call 925-997-7026 for more information. Facebook

The club converted, upgraded the battery pack, or repaired the following vehicles:

EVRIDERS is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization - Tax ID 82-4249113