Principle 5

Principle 5 states that “Studies should be registered in an appropriate, design-relevant publicly accessible registry at study inception whenever possible.”

This page provides a list of “go-to” research registries that funders would recommend to their applicants that they should register their projects in.

We believe this registry list applies to a wider range of study types but there is not widespread knowledge of study registries beyond clinical trials at this stage.


Study registration is important for ethical, moral, accountability, research integrity and waste reduction perspectives. As public funders of research, and given that research involves patients and the public these are particularly important perspectives.

Study registration helps to prevent unintentional duplication, enables a complete view of research for healthcare decision makers, strengthens the value and validity of the scientific evidence base, ensures the integrity of later publications and supports research synthesis.

We decided to produce a list of recommended registries to guide our staff teams on where to search for existing research and to support common recommendations for researchers on where to register their studies.


Principle 5 applies to all study types, across all areas of health-related research, in all jurisdictions across the world. That said, the availability of appropriate registries in which research teams can register their studies is limited. Therefore, although the spirit of this document applies more broadly, it is currently dominated by clinical trial focussed registries.

It is our intention that this will be a living document. We will add new registries to cover current gaps.

The types of registry we are aiming to collate will be organised by:

● Methodology

● Protocols

● Observational studies

● Preclinical trials

● Epidemiology

● Clinical trials

● Intervention trials

● Evidence syntheses

● Health Services and systems research

● Public/population health research

● Secondary data analysis

● Research on Research

Note that the current list does not include entries across all these categories.

Criteria for inclusion

Recommended registries must meet all of the following criteria:

● The registry is design-relevant.

● The registry is open and accessible. It is freely searchable and researchers are able to register appropriate studies.

● More than one member, from more than one nation would recommend use of the registry.

● The registry has a recognised reputation as a ‘definitive’ or ‘primary’ registry. To be considered as such it is expected that the registry would confirm to a credible standards and minimum data sets; for example WHO International Standards for Clinical Trial Registries

What is out of scope?

● NOT where only one member or nation would recommend use of the registry.

● NOT design-relevant (e.g. covering specific health needs, interventions or disease category focussed).

● NOT an open and accessible registry both for researchers to register and funders to search (e.g. researchers can’t register in them or it is not freely searchable)

Acknowledgement and disclaimer

This document was prepared on behalf and with the input of the Ensuring Value in Research Collaboration and Development Forum. The views contained do not necessarily represent the views or policies of individual members. Each member may have policies relating to this document. These should be consulted and followed.

The following list summarises study registries in common usage amongst funders

Current registry of registries