Spring 2017

THANK YOU for your support and prayers that help us bring God's Word to the outermost regions of the world! There is still much work to be done, but progress is steady and picking up speed! Below are some milestones God's blessed us with...

Celebrating 7 years with Wycliffe we attended Wycliffe Stateside Connection 4-day workshop at Orlando HQ. 13 members gathered to share their experiences in Bible translation and encourage each other in prayer. Our hosts fed and treated us like royalty so we could go home rejuvenated! We are so fortunate to have such awesome coworkers.

April 12 we'll officially celebrate being married 20 years! Loren's mom stayed with Matthew and Zack while we traveled to Orlando. We stopped in Savannah, GA and St Augustine, FL. along the way and enjoyed the sights. God has been so good to us - it's exciting to think our Silver 25 is just around the corner!

Michelle will be done with home school in May which will give her more time to work at the JAARS Health Clinic. They're preparing for the busy summer season helping people get ready to go overseas.

Are you or your church going on a mission trip? Schedule an appointment at the clinic for an immunization consultation and get all your necessary shots. Click here

Loren helping Wycliffe members access technology that helps them collaborate and connect resources. Making good use of our dining room table!

When is Loren Traveling? Loren is joining a short term mission in Germany in September. Otherwise, his "travels" are on Tuesdays when he gets Skype updates from colleagues in Manila, Singapore, and Malaysia. He's also helping members in Nairobi and Papua New Guinea get custom software and hardware solutions.

March 11 is JAARS Day and a great time of year to experience what God is doing in Bible translation. We have a new logo in case you don't recognize the sign on Davis Road. For the full story, see the last page of this Rev 7 edition.


  • 20th anniversary 4/12/17
  • Blessed with new clinic staff
  • All stayed healthy thru winter
  • Boys are doing well at work and learning new car repairs.


  • Boys college (Zack starts June)
  • Loren is raising support to participate in short term missions in Germany in Sept.
  • Loren is transferring 3000 documents/files to a new database for technical and HR information.
  • Pray for our family unity and strength in the Lord.