FALL/Winter 2017

In This Issue: VBS in Germany - Training in DC - Broken Foot - New Doctor @ JAARS - Music Ministry New Family Member - Visit to CA - HVAC Revived - Car Crash - Praise Report/Prayer Requests and our annual Christmas poem song!

Serving Missionary Kids: Loren served with Refuge 139 at Wycliffe Germany north of Frankfurt. His team coordinated a fun vacation-Bible-school style program for 14 kids of missionaries living in West Asia who came to attend a translation conference. It was a great opportunity to minister to the kids transitioning to radically different cultures.

DC Tech Training: Loren provided IT training to the International Relations team in Washington DC. This team interacts with embassies and government agencies focused on education and language development so that translation projects are allowed into countries that are otherwise closed.

Michelle's Music Ministry: Michelle and friend, Ellen Mast, enjoy playing together to bless people at JAARS and in the local community.

New Doctor! JAARS is excited to have Dr. James Boyd join the clinic staff in January! He is an answer to prayer as the clinic has been praying for another provider for a long time.

Trained to Serve: Michelle is now trained to do immunization consults and give shots - solo!

She and Loren took a refresher in CPR/First Aid/AED. Both are first responders on JAARS campus.

Blown Away! Our home heat/AC made it through summer before the blower quit. Expert friends at JAARS diagnosed the issue and informed us of warranty services. Loren was able to exchange and install the part so the $700 repair was FREE! God is so good!

Broken but Not Defeated: Loren wasn't climbing mountains or running a marathon per se. He just twisted his foot the wrong way and "pop" broke a bone. Now he is a boot wearin', knee scootin', crutch hoppin', no drivin', stay-at-home man. Pray for him (and Michelle!) until he gets the boot off in mid- December.

Oh brother! Loren visited his sister, Karla (a horse enthusiast), and her fiancé in Cologne. We're so excited to inherit a brother- in-law and niece!

Go West Young Man: Loren went to CA to visit his Dad. While there, his Dad's church invited him to give a ministry update. They also helped at the church's huge thrift sale that raises money for missions.

Treat to Retreat: Camping in October was relaxing among beautiful fall landscape. An awesome reminder God is our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.

The Fleet: The boys have had accidents and a cracked head gasket, but thankfully no cracked skulls! God provided inexpensive replacements. Now we're praying we can afford our insurance rates for the next 3 years!

Prayer Requests

  • Our financial support is $800/month low.
  • Peace in the storms of our teens.
  • Loren's broken right foot and coping with a walking boot.

Thankful Reports

  • Matthew turned 19 and is doing really well at school and likes his job at Food Lion.
  • Zack likes his job at Taco Bell and starts college in January.

Wycliffe missionaries rely on the generosity of individual donors like you to support our mission. Please pray about joining our support team and click here for more information. THANK YOU!

Over the river and through the woods to salvage yards we go,

The cars need more parts, and some will not start, so we search junk high and lo -oh!

Over the river and through the woods teens smashed two cars this year,

Our “fleet” is old but still they roll so all are filled with cheer!

The year has gone fast and much time has passed there’s much you need to know,

Graduation was fun and homeschool is done, to college they will go -oh!

Computers for Matthew and Cars for Zack what talents they display,

They’re growing fast, we’re free at last as high school diplomas say!

So many people have heard the call and overseas they go,

To help with the need, there’s precautions to heed, we teach what they need to know oh!

Safe food keeps health and vaccines do too the clinic staff well knows

So call us up “a consult’s a must” when on mission trips you go.

Over the ocean and through the air to Germany Loren did go,

To teach little ones that God sent His Son and He’s with them wherever they go oh!

Serving in places where Christ is a crime is hard for ones so small

But the Bible tells that God is near and will never let them fall.

Who knew that Google could do so much that missionaries need

But first they must know how technology goes with lower Internet speeds

Loren can teach them both near and far, his help they really need,

To Spread the Word, ‘till all have heard - Bible Translation we will speed.

In Wycliffe we’ve served for almost eight years - oh how the time does fly,

We love what we do, but can’t without you, our supporters standing by.

Your giving and praying are blessings that we never can repay.

God’s faithfulness is always there to serve Him every day.

The world was so sinful yet loved by God His only son He sent,

He came to redeem though He was the King our job just to repent,

Born of a virgin in lowly means His servant heart to show,

So ask Him now to rule your heart and His blessings you will know.

God bless you this Christmas and throughout the New Year

from Loren, Michelle, Matthew and Zack