Unknown Facts About Badminton

Do you play badminton? if you do not I bet you have played the sport once in your life. Badminton is one of the most popular sports in many countries like India and China. people have played this sport for decades. In India, people come out of their houses in the evening and play the game altogether. It does not only keep them fit and healthy but it also brings a sense of togetherness, sportsmanship and teamwork. although the popularity of this sport in this country has gone to new heights and people are taking this sport as a profession.

Badminton has come a long way from playing with badminton rackets made of wood to rackets made of graphite carbon for lightweight and durability. but there is so much history of this sport that people are not really aware of. The history of the sport can be traced back to the 1800s in British India. the sport originated when Britishers started playing it when stationed in India. The International Badminton Federation which is now known as the Badminton World Federation was founded in 1934, and now it is accountable for administering international badminton and for developing the sport all over the world. Denmark has ruled the sport in Europe, while all over the world, Asian players command, with both Asian women and men being top competitors worldwide.

some of the unknown facts about the most famous sport in the world are:

1. it might not look as if it is the most energy-consuming sport but the truth is that it is and it is responsible for burning of calories. An old man who is 70 years old can burn up to 400 calories In a one hour of social badminton.

2. Badminton is a fast pace game but did you know that badminton is the fastest racket game in the world. where the speed of the shuttle can reach up to 200 miles an hour. The fastest shot in a competition was 332kph (206mph) by Fu Haifeng of China in the 2005 Sudirman Cup.

3. the game can also be slow placed there is a game called o strings badminton in England where you are placed with people of your own pace so the game remains fun and relaxed with fast-moving shuttles or aggression.

4. There are different ways of sourcing the things needed for the game to happen. Many players use the shuttlecock made with the left side feathers of a goose. It is a rumour that some players use the strings made from the dried stomach lining of cows or cats. I mean we can not judge.

5. Did you know that badminton was not called badminton? It went by the name of Shuttlecock and Battledore. It got its name from the Badminton House in Gloucestershire, England.

6. The most popular sport is football or soccer and what do you think the next most famous sport in the world is? No, it is not cricket but it is Badminton.

7. Badminton was not included in the sports until 1992 and when it became the Olympic sport for the first time over 1.1 million watched it o TV.

8. The largest shuttlecock in the world is 18 feet tall and weighs 2,500kg

9. 70% of the badminton championships are won by competitors from China and Indonesia.

10. The shortest badminton match was only 6 minutes long.

Source: Badminton rackets price in India