Home Inspectors in Youngstown: What you need to know about your windows

When hiring home inspectors in Youngstown, you may be interested to know how they will inspect the windows in a potential new home. A good inspector will ensure several facets of the windows are up to standards allowing the windows to function smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

First, do the windows open and close easily? On double-hung windows, that are common among home inspectors in Youngstown and the surrounding areas, it is important to ensure the top and bottom shashes are operating as intended. The sash cords and weights are also critical in older windows, because if they break or fray the window will not function.

Wood Rot

Many home inspectors in Youngstown come upon wood rot when inspecting windows. Wood rot around the window frame/casings may allow water or small pest penetration. Often, wood rot is caused by a fungus that damages the wood. A wood-eating fungus can be just as bad as a termite problem.


The presence and condition of caulk around the window trim and where the window trim meets the wall structure is important. Old and/or damaged caulk can allow moisture to enter the house as well as pests.

This is especially important in basement windows, because water seepage is more likely in these lower-level windows. Luckily, old or damaged caulk is often a simple fix that requires scraping out the old caulk and adding new.


Inspectors will often not the presence of peeling or cracked paint. Paint helps preserve the life of the wood and fight against moisture and premature aging. The presence of peeling paint can also be noted in inspections relevant to specific home loans.

Sometimes paint peels simply due to age. In these cases the pain can be scraped and the trim, sash, or framing can be repainted. Other times, the paint peels as a symptom of wood rot. If the wood is rotting, it must be repaired before being repainted.


Cracked glass or glass with a broken seal should be noted by your inspector. Windows with damaged glass need to be replaced. It is also important that windows tempered safety glass.

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