Evergreen Archery Club (E.A.C.) was started in 1962 by a group of farsighted individuals who foresaw the need of archers for an organization to bring people together, in order to foster the Sport of Archery. Their first need was a range to shoot on; the original site above Wandamere Golf Course, was their first choice. So the work began and by 1972 the range had been expanded to 56 targets, four 14 target courses, ranging from the highway all the way to the fence on the East boundary. Registration was conducted out of the back of a van.

In 1972, E.A.C. held its first W.S.A.A. State Field Championship, and saw the first use of cedar shaving bales for the club. Since that time, we have held both W.S.A.A. Bowhunter & Field Championships. 1975 marked a turning point for E.A.C. and the type of shoots that most archers enjoyed. It started out as a trail shoot, or a 3-D Animal Shoot, as they are now called. At our first shoot we used hand-painted cardboard silhouette animals. Maybe you could get two shoots out of the targets; attendance was about thirty shooters, a great turnout. The next shoot we had 70 shooters and the question was, "What do we do with all the people?". It was a lot of work, gluing eight layers of cardboard, cutting them out and painting them. 3-D foam targets were just coming out and looked really attractive.

At our first shoots we offered breakfasts of pancakes, eggs and bacon. Cooking breakfast for all those folks was a real chore, also.over the last 20 years, E.A.C. has always been in the lead in the State with innovations to our tournaments and how we promote our sport.

We have hosted four W.S.A.A. Conventions, several I.B.O. Triple Crown Tournaments, held Bowhunter Education Classes, taught Washington Department of Game Hunter Education classes, taught classes at the Y.M.C.A., assisted a Handicapped Archers Only Tournament, demonstrated at various schools, and taught both Boy and Girl Scout groups.