e v e n s t a r wearables uses sustainable, environmentally friendly products in manufacturing our tech. Our core components are custom designed and 3D printed using biodegradeable poly-lactic acid (PLA). Our mechanical components are made of 100% recyclable metals.

e v e n s t a r wearables works with open source designers, software, and hardware, and we encourage you to do the same.

Supporting open source platforms and designers enhances all of humanity. Do this thing.

We hope you find the work of the featured designers here to your liking. Support their work if you can.

For a complete attribution listing of open source designs used in developing the Mk 2 Platforms offered in our limited edition run in 2019, click here. We encourage you to support these Designers - they do amazing work! For a better understanding of the Creative Commons Licenses, click here. For more information on the Raspberry Pi Foundation, click here. For further info on Pixel OS, click here. Our Pi based tech can run other open source OS platforms, including many of Raspbian's other distributions, developed specifically for the Raspberry Pi. For more information on installation of alternate Linux distributions, join the community of developers in our active conversation on alternative OS installations here.

For further information on e v e n s t a r wearables and/or our tech, reach out to us at: