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Emanuel V Chimanski


I don't use online social networks, please do not post any photo of/with me on yours. If you really need though I recommend you to use my avatar picture.

Bio and Academic Life:

I was born in the South of Brazil and have been moving around thanks to Physics. As a physicist, dynamical systems have always called my attention, the complexity involved in large or small scales fascinates me. This, has been guiding my studies since always. My time at the University was focused on the properties of level statistics of billiards in the quantum chaos framework. I focused in the classical chaos theory on my Master where I studied hyperchaos route in 3D convective system. For my PhD I decided to come back to the quantum world and I have found in nuclear reactions a very stimulating area. The many-body problem present here incorporates several of the features that interests me. In addition, the importance of the applications related to the cross sections that we model motivates me even more.

My current research academic interest focuses on the description of nuclear reactions and nuclear structure and general.

A list of publications can be found at Researchgate or Google Scholar.

I'm a collaborator in the development of the ITA reaction code (See Links:).



Universidade Estadual do Centro Oeste – UNICENTRO, PR/Brazil

Quantum chaos and quantum billiards.


Master (Physics), Aeronautics Institute of Technology – ITA, SP/Brazil .

Complex Systems and Non-linear Dynamics.


PhD ( Physics), Aeronautics Institute of Technology – ITA, SP/Brazil

Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Reactions.

2017- 2018

Intern at the International Atomic Energy Agency – IAEA (Nuclear Data Development Unit), Vienna/Austria.

Nuclear Reaction Models, Pre-Equilibrium Reactions.


Visiting Student at the Florida State University (FSU) (Physics Dep.), FL/US,

Collective states and Random Matrix.


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – LLNL, CA/USA,

Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions

Recent Publications:

  • PRC 2020 (To be submitted)

  • PRC 2020 (submitted)

  • E. V. Chimanski, L. A. Souza, B. V. Carlson . The São Paulo potential and the 3He breakup reaction at 130 MeV on 93Nb and 197Au. BJP 2020.

  • E. V. Chimanski, B. V. Carlson, R. Capote, A. J. Koning. Quasiparticle nature of excited states in random-phase approximation .PRC 2019.

My Notes:

I've been working on posting my notes and numerical tools on GitHub under proper GNU license.

Outreach and Education:

I've been involved, specially during my time at University, in different activities involving Physics teaching and bringing new generation of people to this Physics.


The PET group was involved in several activities from research, outreach

and teaching. One of my favorite projects was the development of physics teaching experiments for people with disabilities. The dependence on our basic senses for learning is tremendous and there big challenges on how build experiments that account for the lack of vision and hearing for example. There are so many challenges here and I'm glad there are still people thinking about them.

Magic Of Physics

I was part of project where we were combining physics with magic shows. The idea is to use background physics concepts in combination with magic tricks. This, helps to entertain people and bring in physics and technological topics.

We have performed as the opening show for different conferences and events.

Other Interests:

Linux and free-software.

Music: Recently, I've been following the following amazing artists, I'm afraid this is a very short list

Moon Child (check on Tiny Desk), Raveena (check on Tiny Desk), Liniker e os Caramelows (check on Tiny Desk), Aurora, Ed Motta, Francisco Fattoruso, Ekena, Daira, Bia Ferreira, Rodrigo Alarcon, Luiza Rosa.

I appreciate extreme music and have played the drums in different bands before Physics entered my life full time. The lyrics of such songs reflects our society issues and it is very disappointing to see that the things people were singing about 10, 20 yeas ago are being still around in our society.

I shall give a short list here as well: Strafplanet, Ratos de Porao, Brujeria, Hella

Street Art: I don't perform since I dropped the "Magic of Physics" group, but I do appreciate it. You might want to check the following links

Film makers: Quentin Dupieux

books: I read almost all sort of things but my recent interests are in the works by:

Silvio de Almeida : Brazilian author, his book named "Racismo Estrutural" he presents a ground basis on social and racial issues in relation to the structural mechanisms involved.

Bronnie Ware: Australian author. In the "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying" she shares stories collected during her palliative carer together with her own life struggles. I liked to hear stories from people that are any situation different than mine and try to grow with their experience. The situation in which those people were, physically and mentally,I believe led them have a critical view on their on life choices. I've read this book during the COVID-19 pandemic while being lock down in my place like many of us, it was was very important, intense and tough experience in many aspects.

“We’ve arranged a society based on science and technology, in which nobody understands anything about science and technology,” Sagan said once. “And this combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later, is going to blow up in our faces.”

I sometimes feel afraid of that.