Frequently Asked Questions


1. What happens if the Athlete cannot make the session in which they have registered. The registration fees can be transferred between sessions and between cycles. Flexibility is the key and will allow athletes to work around their playing schedule and their busy lives.

2. The ratio of athlete to coach is 10 to one. The goal is to have more one to one time with the athletes. After the pilot, guest coaches will be invited to come and help run a session. The coaches will be selected based on the skills at coaching individual skills. All the academy coaches will be listed on the Academy Coaches tab.

3. How will information be passed to the athletes. Once an athlete is registered as an academy member they will be given access to an online information sharing portal which will enhance the sessions (active) with virtual tools and activities to help them with mental practice and cognitive enhancement.

4 Yes we are on facebook follow us: Make sure you like us and follow us.

5. What if my daughter does not make the academy due to lack of skill? My hope is to accommodate any who apply for the positions during this pilot cycle and we will do the best to make this happen. Having said that plan to move forward on the fact that she will make it. I would suggest you register her for the sessions she can make so I can make sure I have the coaches to accommodate.

6. Is this academy just a money grab because the fees seem to be fairly high? The fees structure was a source of much debate. How much should one charge for an academy. When setting up the structure other sport academies were examined. Fees will be used to pay for equipment, gym rentals, coaches will be paid, and the administration of the structure and virtual locker room. The current approximate breakdown will be as follows: 20 percent will go to administration of structure, 25 percent will go to the coaches, 5 percent will go to first aid and insurance, 30 percent will go to gym rental and equipment, 5 percent will go to advertising, 10 percent will go to videographer, 5 percent will go to the website design. This is not an attempt to make a job for the people involved. This is to make sure we offer a quality service and coaches to obtain the level of excellence needed to make such a venture a success. If sponsorship is found for the academy fees can be lowered.