Cycles and Sessions

Cycles will be offered by two different partners.

All on-court volleyball skills will be taught by the Volleyball Elite Academy

All off-court volleyball skills and training will be taught by the Ignite Athletic Conditioning Center

The Basics Cycle

It has ten sessions in it: You can join anywhere during the cycle.

  • Session one: Serve Reception and Underhand Pass
  • Session two: Preparation for Attack and Attack
  • Session three: Serving
  • Session four: Blocking and Coverage
  • Session five: Defense and Libero
  • Session six: Mental Toughness and Practice​
  • Session seven: Overhead Passing and Setting​
  • Session eight: Power Skills
  • Session nine: Middle Skills
  • Session ten: Offside Skills

As well as the basic cycle there is numerous other cycles...

For example

Advance Position Cycle

Hitting Harder Cycle

Serving Cycle

Academy Sessions

Cost for athletes will be 35.00 dollars a session (a session is two hours of training)

Volleyball Elite Academy Sessions

May 12

10 am - 12 pm Basic Cycle Session seven Overhead passing and setting

12 pm - 2 pm Advanced Serving Cycle Session four Jump Float

May 26

10 am - 12 pm Basic Cycle Session eight Power skills

12 pm - 2 pm Advanced Serving Cycle Session five Serve Party

June 2

10 am - 12 pm Basic Cycle Session nine Middle skills

12 pm - 2 pm Progressive Drills Session one

June 9

10 am - 12 pm Basic Cycle Session ten Offside skills

12 pm - 2 pm Progressive Drills Session two

June 16

10 am - 12 pm Weird Drills

12 pm - 2 pm Progressive Drills Session three

Making the Cut 4 day Camp (This camp fills so register early)

The school year is starting and then the tryouts for Junior and Senior teams begin. What will make you into the athlete that every coach wants on their team? Do you have the skills? Do you have the drive? Are you aware of what it takes to make the cut? This four-day cycle will give athletes what they need to make their school team.

Sessions will happen from 10-12pm, 2-4pm and 6-8pm each of the four days. You can buy tickets for individual sessions. The cycle spots will be given to Academy members first, athletes who want all 12 sessions second and non-members who don't want all the sessions third.

A total of 12 sessions

August 27-August 30 2018

Each day will have a session from 10 am -12 pm, 2 pm - 4 pm and 6 pm - 8 pm. The two-hour break in-between is so the athletes can get something to eat, shower, change and get ready for the next session. I know this might cause some issues for out of town athletes as it is difficult to figure out what to do for the two hours. My suggestion for those athletes is that they pair up with an athlete from Saskatoon so parents do not have to drive back and forth three times a day.

Jump and Agility Training – This 60-minutes, twice a week for a month session. It will focus on increasing the athlete’s ability to transmit force into the ground to improve vertical jump height. We will also focus on absorbing force through multiple movement patterns to improve agility. In these sessions the athlete will spend time learning how to jump and move more efficiently. We will look at each athletes functional movement screen and work to address the athletes asymmetries to make them more efficient. This efficiency will also aid in injury prevention to the hips, knees and ankles. We will use a variety of tools including resistance training, plyometric and ballistic exercises.