About: Evan Trickett

If you at all know me I usually open my intro with a firm "Howdy". I am not a native Texas but have been here for over 45 years. I wanted to take a moment and share some personal and professional information about myself. First off, below my picture you will find some buttons where I share my experiences being a servant and promote opportunities for others to serve. I have over a decade of experience collaborating with hospitals and physicians and look forward to serving a new market in the near future. Please have a blessed rest of the week and feel free to reach out to me by phone: (214) 317-1934. Below you will find some highlights of my most recent work serving rural hospitals and physicians mainly in Texas.


Feel Free to review my resume highlighting my ten years of experience in healthcare. I have a background in marketing and advertising working with fortune 500 clients and Universities. I enjoy collaborating with people on the phone while utilizing email, texting, and guerrilla marketing tactics.

Evan Trickett Resume 7.2019.pdf