“On Disturbing History.” The Problematics of Passage, The Hemispheric Institute for Politics and Performance, New York University, 2019.

"Grullón inserts her body into a colonial re-enactment, and in ways that seem both intentional and sometimes accidental, she ‘plays along.’ Her presence is disruptive, forcing a reckoning for history and calling into question the historical accuracy of the reenactment. As mentioned above, photography records each of her performances, thus creating a new visual record for the alternative histories she summons. In this way, the photograph supports Grullón’s efforts to visualize alternatives, reinforcing her performance through the evidentiary status of the medium."

Zac Hacmon at the Border. Edited by Etty Yaniv, Art Spiel

"Each story that is shared is a layer that considers the various perspectives of the ongoing border crisis. A notable story is the conversation with Jose Rivera, the Director of the Tohono O’odham Nation Culture Center and Museum, where he details the environmental consequences of a border that separates animals and their natural migration patterns. He also gives context to the border struggles of Canada with the USA and Mexico with Guatemala; ultimately relaying the loss of family ties that settler colonialism is responsible for. The personal tales of border crossing are also poignant, detailing desert walks and wayfinding."

“On Portraiture .” Nueva Luz, vol. 23, no. 1, 2019

"Portraiture has come to take many forms but ultimately as a collection, portraits tell stories, mirror, and inform beyond the self. In the vein of historical portraiture, En Foco’s Fellows are emerging in their voice, developing a visual language that tells stories similar to Trevino’s, but in a universal context of portraiture, of the self as part of the communal narrative. Each one considering objects, color, layers, and the gaze of the photographer, audience, and subject —dissolve a three-way window of storytelling. So that the artist is present, the viewer is invited, and the subject is admired. In a time when crisis is felt and culture is threatened, it is even more urgent that these portraits are seen."

The Future of Cultural Production. Catalog transcript for The Immigrant Artist Biennial (TIAB) ‘Here, Together!’ Curator: Katya Grokhovsky, Panel Discussion

Live and in person. Catalog Essay for The Immigrant Artist Biennial (TIAB) ‘Here, Together!’ Curator: Katya Grokhovsky at the Elizabeth Foundation Space.

Interview with Artist Zac Hacmon. Arte Fuse

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