Critical Bounds is a podcast founded, produced, and hosted by Nicole Bearden, which considers contemporary art, global issues, and current events that influence and are in turn manifested in artistic practice, through critical conversations with emerging contemporary artists and curators. Critical Bounds is funded by the Helen Gurley Brown Magic Grant.

Angelica Pomar, FIT Art History and Museum Professions senior, and Eva Mayhabal Davis, arts advocator, and curator, will discuss the climate of the art world post-pandemic and what it means for Black, Indigenous, people of color, women, and queer individuals working in the arts. They will evaluate how art institutions can better represent these identities in both exhibitions and on the art careers front. Most importantly, they will look at how wider representation in the arts can be the catalyst for social equity and change.

“Globally Connected: Conversations for the Future: Mapping the Art World after the Pandemic,” Archive on Demand, accessed June 10, 2023,

"In this exciting episode, we talk with our Season 4 co-host, Eva Mayhabal Davis. She takes us from the University of Washington to her first job in NYC at the Guggenheim Museum where she learned to spend significant time with art and facilitate conversations. We talk about her three partners in curating: the space, the artist, and the audience; how collaboration comes naturally to her; and how art is a path toward empathy and understanding. Eva walks us through the origin and trajectory of El Salón, a monthly program where she brings people together for food, company, and feedback...."  

"If you have an art history degree or are planning to study art history and suddenly think "now what?" because you are wondering what jobs are available in the art history field, listen to this podcast! I interview professionals from all different areas of this field to explore what types of jobs related to art history are available. Check out this website to read articles about more careers!"

En Foco fellowship awardee Hidemi Takagi and curator Eva Mayhabal Davis documented their conversation on Hidemi's process and the photography projects she develops throughout her Brooklyn community.

Artist Talk with Cannupa Hanska Luger & Eva Mayhabal Davis recorded live at BronxArtSpace, Bronx, NY, October 3, 2018

Introduction by Stephanie Lindquist

Exhibition Humble, organized by Cougar Vigil & Eva Mayhabal Davis

In conversation with Lise Soskolne (W.A.G.E.), Mabel Wilson, David Joselit, Amin Husain, Eva Mayhabal Davis, Nia Nottage, Sneha Ganguly

Conversation Documentation from Saturday, November 10, 2016 hosted by Artists Space Books & Talks at 55 Walker Street, NY. #decolonizethisplace