This page contains section notes and other course materials for ECON 131 with Emmanuel Saez (Spring 2019).

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Section Syllabus

Introduction and Review of Core Concepts

Section 1: Optimization Review [w/ solutions]

Section 2: Theoretical Tools [w/ solutions]

Income Inequality and Taxation

Section 3: The US Income Distribution & Tax Incidence [w/ solutions]

      • NYT Op-ed by Professor Saez and Professor Zucman on regulating income inequality

Section 4: Efficiency Costs of Taxation [w/ solutions]

Section 5: Labor Income Taxation [w/ solutions]

Section 6: Labor Responses to Taxation [w/ solutions]

Section 7: Capital Income & Savings Taxation [w/ solutions]


Homework 1 (Due in class on Wednesday 2/27)

Homework 2 (Due in class on Wednesday 4/3)

Homework 3 (Due in class on Wednesday 4/24)