e u R O P E doconsultancy

Bespoke documentary consultancy & mentoring (development & edit), SWOT, festival and distribution strategies, moderation, international documentary programming & curation, writing loglines & synopses, industry knowledge, benchmarking, negotiating

Contact me for info & conditions: europedoc(at)gmail.com - based in Södermalm / Stockholm

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Also see online Business Doc Europe interview in Business Doc Europe

I was born in The Netherlands and studied Psychology, English (both propaedeutic diploma) and completed Film & Television Studies at the University of Amsterdam. For nearly twenty years (2000-2019) I was part of the program department of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) as head of the program department and senior programmer. I was an advisor for the IDFA Bertha Fund and during IDFA I also read projects for the IDFA Forum.

Between 2000 and 2021 I traveled to many film festivals - often as a juror for example at CPH: Dox, AFI Docs, Kosovo Dokufest, Guanajuato International Film Festival Expresion en Corto, Solothurn Film Festival, Beat Film Festival, FIPADOC, Biografilm Festival, Taiwan International Documentary Festival & Antenna Documentary Film Festival. I was also part of the nominating jury for the feature length films for the 37th Annual IDA Documentary Awards in 2021.

Before IDFA I was a producer for Waterland Film & TV in Amsterdam. Between 2007 and 2013 I was a documentary advisor of the Dutch Mediafund - providing grants to encourage the development and production of cultural radio and television programs.

From January to September 2020 I was a Guest Documentary Programmer at Nordisk Panorama - also see Cineuropa.

From 2021 onwards I have been a festival advisor and programmer of MIRAGE - The Art of the Real festival in Oslo.

From 2022 I am also an advisor of Sheffield DocFest.

November 2019 I was part of EAVE's five-days immersive Audience-focused workshop exploring 360º film marketing by gaining insight about the classic tools and the latest trends in Digital PR, social media management, digital marketing and Audience building.

In November 2020 I was part of the Sources 2 Projects & Process workshop – Training Mentors for European Screenwriters and Filmmakers. The programme enhanced professionals’ skills in transferring knowledge, developing human resources, mentoring and encouraging creative processes – which finally lead to efficient and productive collaboration. In addition, the workshop offered a forum for exchange and evaluation of experience among professionals in similar positions as well networking opportunities with international colleagues.

My taste for cinema - but also music and other (art) forms is eclectic. In 2016 I combined within the framework of the IDFA slow cinema program The Quiet Eye cinema and other art forms in a creative way. Not only did a Japanese cook made miso soup during the screening of Taimagura Grandma but I also commissioned musicians from Berlin to make an entirely new live soundtrack over the film Light Year. In 2018 I was also part of the IDFA on Stage team - where among other live cinema events Dziga Vertov's rediscovered film Anniversary of the Revolution (1918) had an unique re-premiere with an extensive, new live Russian soundtrack.

e u R O P E doconsultancy is a company name that not only refers to the fact that I am an European at heart. The inclusion of ROPE simply touches on the fact that I make and/or facilitate connections on many levels.

Also see online Business Doc Europe interview in Business Doc Europe . Business Doc Europe also published some film reviews and interviews I wrote (e.g. IDFA 2020 and Sundance 2021).

Martijn te Pas and Cecilia Lidin (Documentary Consultant at the Danish Film Institute) served as Nordisk Panorama's 2020 Guest Documentary Programmers. The short film section was programmed by Sam Groves and Lucile Bourliaud, both from Flatpack Festival (see both on the right)

DA Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus

Spike Lee

Werner Herzog

Marcel Ophuls

Agnes Varda

Errol Morris

Roy Andersson

Adina Pintilie