Goalball Clubs World Cup


Dear Goalball Community,

We believe that sport is a universal language that unites people. Sport is a unique and powerful tool for overcoming conflict and promoting the dignity and inalienable humans rights.

Goalball is currently in a phase of rapid growth and development, advancing the public's perception of the capabilities of individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Club teams are playing an important role in our athlete's development and training. It is through the work of club teams that drive the ambition of athletes to eventually represent their national teams at international level. In promoting goalball at the club level, we are ultimately advancing the caliber of the sport as its highest level.

It is the club teams that are pushing the limits of the game - not as a form of therapy, and not as an opportunity for socializing - but as a high-level, competitive sport that requires tenacity, endurance, and determination.

The time has come to take the evolution of goalball a step further.

The time has come to give athletes the competition they deserve.

The time has come to unite the goalball world through it's club teams.

The World Goalball Club Association, represented by the European Goalball Club Association and the Vancouver Goalball Club have joined forces to take that historic step we are announcing today.

We are excited to announce that in 2020, we will host the first Goalball Clubs World Cup. The inaugural competition will be held in Portugal. and following that, in 2021 in Vancouver, Canada. The Goalball Clubs World Cup will then proceed every two-years in odd-numbered years.

This will be the biggest goalball event on the planet that will have international athletes of the best club teams from every continent.

We are excited to be making history, but we need all-hands-on-deck to write the story.

We are relying on the support of IBSA. We are counting on the coaches. the referees, the sport's leaders, the athletes, the fans, and the governing bodies.

We are inviting everyone to hop on-board, because as of this World Cup for Clubs, there will be no borders in the world of goalball.