Fen Tigers wins Malmo Open 2019

Malmo Open 2019 logo


The British Fen Tigers team won the Malmo Open final, the serbs of GK Nais 2-1.

The event was divided into a first phase of groups of 7 teams. In Group A, the Greeks of Kleio Thessaloniki (15 points) won their group followed by Old Power (13 points), Goalball Klub Odense Open (10 points) and Swedes Linköpings parasport Open (9 points).

In Group B, Fen Tigers won all their matches (18 points), followed by Swedes from the Hammarby IF Goalball Open (12 points), Hansa Rostock (12 points) and GK Nais (9 points).

In the quarter-finals GK Nais beat Kleio Thessaloniki 3-2, Fen Tigers won the Linköpings parasport Open by 9-3, Hammarby IF Goalball Open beat Klub Odense Goalball 6-3 and Old Power defeated Hansa Rostock out of 5-3.

In the semi-finals GK Nais won the Hammarby IF Goalball Open 3-0 while Fen Tigers beat Old Power 9-3.

In the game for the bronze medal, Old Power won the Hammarby IF Goalball Open 1-0