European Goalball Awards 2018 - Winners

Marcia Ferreira - Best European Coach
Alexey Baryaev - Best European Referee
Team of the Year - Leomon Moreno, Erkki Miinala and Justas Pazarauskas


Hello Goalball Europe!

I'am Erkki Miinala, president of the European Goalball Club Association and I'am here to announce the winners of the European Goalball Awards 2018. But before that I want to greet all the clubs, players, coaches, officials, referees of this sport that we love and that is called Goalball. The European Goalball Awards were awarded by the vote of a technical commission led by the executive committee of EGCA. Next year we are looking forward to organize the platform, where all the goalball fans could vote their favourites in each award category, so there is one more great reason to follow all the action in Super European Goalball League and all the club goalball in Europe on year 2019!

Now we go to the winners of the three categories and we must never forget, Glory to the winners and honor the defeated. Silence please ....

Best European Referee award, and the winner is ... Alexey Baryaev.

Best European Coach Award, and the winner is .... Márcia Ferreira.

The last prize for the Team of the Year are three winners ... Justas Pazarauskas ... Erkki Miinala and ... Leomon Moreno.

Congratulations to all of you. In 2019 there are more prizes, lots of games, lots of amazing Goalball. Now a merry christmas and a happy new year all goalball fans around the world!!!