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Belgium 2018-2019

Belgian Winners

The Belgium Goalball League:

The Belgium Goalball Legue have 2 leagues of each 6 teams in Belgium in goalball.

The first stage in the Belgian competition is finished now: each team played 2 times against eachother, so each team played 10 matches in total in each division.

In March start a the final stage:

- Play-offs 1: The 4 first teams of division A will play against

eachother and decide who will win the Belgian title.

The teams will start with the half of the points obtained in the first stage.

-Play-off 2: Numbers 5 and 6 of division A and numbers 1 and 2 of division B will play against eachother to decide which 2 teams will play in division A next year and which 2 teams will play in division B, the 2nd league next year