European Goalball Awards - Team of the year

Team of the Year 2018 Photo - Leomon Moreno, Erkki Miinala and Justas Pazarauskas

Leomon Moreno

Brazilian player of Sporting CP

He was an important player in the victories of Sporting in the stages, was the MVP in Rostock and is today the best scorer of the SEGL 2018-2019 with 36 goals

Erkki Miinala

Finnish player of Old Power

Entered in 2018 full of strength and recovered of the injury that had in 2017, was key piece of the vice-champions of the europe.

It is the record of being the best scorer in the history of the SEGL with 366 goals in the 6 seasons of the race

Justas Pazarauskas

Lithuanian player of Sporting CP

The top scorer of SEGL 2017-2018 with 97 goals was the trump of his team inside the court.