Emerging Technology Integration Short Courses

@ the Cape Teaching & Leadership Institute

What is it about?

There is a big difference between knowing how to use emerging technologies and how to meaningfully integrate emerging technologies into everyday classroom practices. Very often it is assumed that once teachers know how to USE emerging technologies, they will also know how to integrate these meaningfully. This assumption often results in tremendous frustration for all parties, especially teachers, who want to change from pen and paper pedagogies but don't know how to go about doing it.

The ETILAB's Emerging Technology Integration Short Courses, accredited by the University of Cape Town, serves to empower and equip teachers with the tools to meaningfully and purposefully integrate emerging technologies into teaching and learning. Teachers are guided to use trialed and tested frameworks to design learning that focuses on higher order thinking skills and fosters different forms of interaction, that is both engaging and authentic, and puts FUN back into learning - for both teachers and learners!

Teachers from experienced users to those with only a basic understanding of emerging technologies are welcome. The focus is NOT on learning about technologies or how to use it, but on learning HOW TO MEANINGFULLY INTEGRATE emerging technologies.

At present the short courses focus on:

  • Foundation Phase teachers, subject advisers and school leaders
  • Intermediate Phase Maths and Language teachers, subject advisers and school leaders
  • FET Maths and Language teachers, subject advisers and school leaders

Who should attend?

Why teachers recommend this course

Background to the course's development

In February 2015 the eLearning Game Changer project was launched. The goal of this innovative project is to:

enhance the teaching and learning experience of Western Cape Learners, predominantly in Maths and Languages, through the use of technology” (Western Cape Government, eLearning Game Changer)

The eLearning Game Changer addresses specific areas for development. The six integrated work streams that support the goals of the eLearning Game Changer are illustrated below.

The Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute (CTLI) was tasked with developing eTeachers. This meant developing teachers’ abilities to integrate educational technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

As a consequence, ICT integration eTeaching & Learning courses for Foundation Phase, Intermediate Maths and Language, was developed and piloted during 2016. Based on the success of these courses, funding was secured to develop the FET Language and Maths courses too.

The course design was guided by

The Western Cape Government’s eLearning Game Changer focus areas:

a) Integration principles

b) Planning to integrate ICTs into teaching and learning

c) Assessing using ETs / eAssessment

The result was a hands-on, practically applicable and implementable course that guides role-players to meaningfully integrate emerging technologies into teaching and learning practices. The main goal is to improve pedagogy and facilitate deep and meaningful learning. Technology is seen as a vehicle to achieve this.