If you've chosen cremation over burial, then the Eternal Ascent Society can provide a most memorable form of closure.

Your loved one can now be safely transported to the heavens in a giant helium-filled balloon, only from the Eternal Ascent Society.

Our service is elegantly simple. After processing the cremated remains we place them in a 5-foot, biodegradable balloon. We inflate the balloon with Helium inside our patented inflation chamber, transport the balloon in the inflation chamber to a site chosen by the family and release it to the heavens. When released, the balloon slowly ascends to a height of approximately 30,000 feet. During the balloon's ascent it expands and at a height of approximately 6 miles (where it is 40 degrees below zero) it freezes and fractures, scattering the ashes to the four winds.

After the family contacts Eternal Ascent, we make arrangements to take possession of the cremains either from the family or we can pick up the remains at a Funeral Home or Crematory. If preferred, we can make arrangements for the cremains to be mailed to us.

The family chooses the balloon color (blue, red, yellow or green). Then a date and location is picked for the release. This can be anywhere that has open space for a release such as a park, lake, beach, church, or at home if there is plenty of room.

We meet the family at the release site on the date chosen. The balloon is transported to the release site in the inflation chamber inside of the Eternal Ascent van or trailer. Once the family has gathered, the balloon is given to the family members for release. Prior to the release, the family can say a prayer, read a poem or have a service performed by a minister.

Pictures and videos will be taken for the DVD and Photificates (certificate with pictures of release).

We only release on good weather days, so visibility is greatly increased. Generally speaking, the balloon is visible up to about two miles, or about fifteen minute's time, depending on wind conditions.

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Debra Watson

I can't thank you enough for your wonderful services for my father-in-law Richard Watson on June 26, 2005. I feel first impressions mean a lot. When I called on a weekend and left a message on your answering machine, you returned my call right away. I was impressed with the fact you called back on the weekend, but even more impressed by your conversation. You have to be a special person to deal with people who just lost someone they love, and you are truly one of those people. Not only was my conversation with you informative and caring, your voice and tone has a calming effect. You form a personal bond with the company you choose to take responsibility of your loved one's remains, and you made me feel confident in my decision to utilize your service.
The balloon release was such a perfect way to send Richard to the heavens. It was so calm, quiet and heartfelt. It's hard to put into words what emotions I felt watching our yellow balloon slowly float up into the beautiful blue sky and into the clouds. It just all seemed so perfect, and made a hard situation into a wonderful memory.
I will highly recommend Eternal Ascent to anyone who is in need of this type of service. You and your family have formed this business, but you give such a personal feeling, it makes it seem like you are friends instead of someone selling a service.
Sincerely,Debra L. Watson

Mrs. Leonard Walsh & Family

"Up, Up & Away in His Beautiful Blue Balloon." That's how we will always remember my husband and family's loving father.
What a sad, but beautiful way to say our final "goodbye" to our loved one. He was a person we cherished & loved so very much, and we would let him go no other way.
May you be blessed for performing this wonderful service, as it takes a very special person to do this. I know my family was pleased with the way you explained to them how this loving tribute and releasing of the balloon would be done. We also appreciate your thoughtfulness for allowing us to say our prayers before the release & letting us take all the time we needed.
To know my husband is up there in the universe is a great comfort to us. No matter where we all are, near or far apart from one another, all we have to do is look up to the "sky" & there he is - looking down at us forever.
Fondly and with many thanks,Mrs. Leonard Walsh & Family

Leyanne Landenwitch

You are officially a member of our family after our wonderful experience on June 15, 2003. Now you need to hear "the rest of the story".
Lou had expressed a desire to have his ashes go up in a balloon after he died. For the ascent to occur on Fathers Day at Ft. Island Gulf Beach close to sunset just enhanced the entire event.
A while after releasing "Poppa Lou" the skies darkened quite a bit but not a drop of rain fell on us. Later when we drove back to U.S. Highway 19 from the beach we saw many puddles on the road, as we looked out in the gulf we saw the graceful arching of Dolphins traveling down the coast. It was the first time many of the family had seen Dolphins in the wild.
When the sky cleared and lightened, we saw a double rainbow, small clouds passed in front of the sun and showed a red-gold lining around them. As the huge orange red ball met the water surface the reflection looked like a pedestal for the sun. It was stunning! Louis' oldest child said she had never seen a more beautiful sunset.
Five children, many grandchildren, spouses, one great grandchild and I want to thank you for an incredible moving experience.
Warmest Regards,Leyanne Landenwitch