ESSEx Virtual Academy

For the 2022-2023 school year, ECPS will be using Virtual Virginia again for those students wanting to participate in the Essex Virtual Academy (100% online instruction). This will be the last school year (2022-2023) that virtual instruction will be offered.

Applications for admission into the Essex Schools Virtual Academy will be available online beginning at 9 am on Wednesday, March 23, until 5 pm on Friday, April 29. (If you need access to a device for completing the application, please come to the school board office or your child's school.) Acceptance to the Essex Virtual Academy will be based on a student's current school performance, the student’s past success in virtual instruction, and the student’s capacity to operate effectively in the virtual world with minimal parental support. Evidence of significant health challenges will also be considered in addition to the other admission criteria.

Students must be enrolled in the Essex County Public Schools in order to apply for the Essex Virtual Academy.

Notifications about the status of applications will be sent out by email beginning on Monday, May 23rd. The first semester for Virtual Virginia classes will begin on Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

For every student who enters the virtual academy, the school division will have to pay a fee of approximately $3000.00. Parents/guardians will be asked to sign a contract acknowledging their commitment and their child's commitment to fulfill the requirements of being enrolled in Virtual Virginia for the semester. Given the prohibitive nature of such costs, there will be a limited number of spaces within the Essex Schools Virtual Academy.

Should you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact your child’s school principal.

Please click on the "application" link above to access the form.