Employee Selection & Retention Lab

Psychology Department, San Francisco State University

About the Lab

The goal of the Employee Selection & Retention Lab at San Francisco State University is to explore the efficacy and fairness of the tools organizations use to recruit, hire, and retain the best employees. In addition to projects related to selection and retention, we apply our statistical expertise to research in occupational and environmental health.

Questions we're currently attempting to answer through research are:

  • How useful is one-way video interview technology for screening and hiring job applicants?
  • How do job applicants react to one-way video interviews?
  • What is the impact of employee recognition software on employee engagement, performance, and retention?
  • Are hiring decisions influenced by the personal information displayed through an applicant's social media profile?
  • Are there variations of job embeddedness across industries?

Employee Selection and Retention Lab

San Francisco State University

Ethnic Studies and Psychology Building

1600 Holloway Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94132