About Brussings choir

The Brusinky choir ('the Brussings')...

came to existence in 2005, first directed by Premek Zak. After the Zak couple left Brussels, the choir has undergone a transformation, both in terms of profile and orientation, by two choirmasters, Eva Lajkepova and Radim Dvorak. Since Radim left at the end of 2018, the choir has evolved under the direction of the experienced choirmaster - or, rather, mistress - Darina Krausova. Rich of the longtime experience of leading the Prague women choir Cantarina, Darina had also founded the chamber choir BrUci (an acronym for 'Brussel's teachers').

Who are we ?

Mostly Czech employees of the EU institutions, members of diplomatic missions, teachers of the « Czech section » at the European school, Czech students attending Belgian universities, au-pair girls... There are also several Slovaks among us and, now and again, some colleagues of other nationalities, with ties to the Czech or Slovak culture. Above all, we all enjoy singing together.

At what occasions do we sing ?

In 2014, Brusinky performed, among others, the Te Deum cantata by Antonin Dvorak with orchestra, at the sollenel concert commemorating the 10 years of the entrance of the Czech Republic into the European Union. In November 2016, the choir took part in the multimedia performance of Dvorak's Rusalka. This was also an occasion to cooperate with professional soloists, such as Adam Leftwich and Luisa Albrechtova. These projects were realised jointly with our friends singers from the En Arche choir of Prague.

The highlight of the choir's annual activity is the performance of the traditional Christmas mass by Jakub Jan Ryba. Apart from this, we also sing at other concerts. In May 2019 for instance, we sang at the permanent representation of the Czech Republic to the Europan Union, to commemorate the 15 years of the Czech Republic in the EU. Several months later, in October, we had the opportunity to sing at the Brussels Royal Conservatory at a concert given by Vladimir Bukac, the renowned Czech alto player and professor at the Conservatory.