Digital Painting, character design, illustration

Commissions infos


Sketch: 50€

Flat colors: 100€

Digital painting: 150€

Half body

Sketch: 80€

Flat colors: 150€

Digital painting: 250€

Full body

Sketch: 100€

Flat colors: 200€

Digital painting: 300€

+ additional character: +60% of the commission price

+ companion: +40% of the commission price (intended as, for example, a familiar, a pet, a magic evocation or someone else not important as the principal character)

+ background: from 50€ (it depends on the difficulty and amount of details)

INFOS (please read carefully)

  • If you want a more complex illustration, with a narrative and several elements, please feel free to tell me via email. I'll estimate a quote following your request.

  • I'll get the payment after the approval of the sketch, before starting with the rendering/coloring of the artwork.

  • During the sketch phase you could ask for design/anatomical fixes, but you wouldn't be able to do the same during the coloring phase.

  • After the first 3 fixes there will be added an additional cost to the commission price.

  • I can draw everything. Original characters, fanart, NSFW, anthro, fantasy, scifi, but I WON'T draw too extreme sexual/gore stuff or illegal themes.

  • Please keep attention to my personal style when you ask me your commission.

  • If your request is too much elaborate I'll reserve the right to increase the price of the commission.

  • Unless you ask me to sign an NDA contract for some secret project I'll reserve the right to use the artwork for my personal portfolio and to share it on my business accounts.

  • The prices you read here are intended for private and personal committents. If you are a company, pubblishing house or you want an entire concept art/illustration project we will estimate a quote separately.


  • As I said before I'll get the payment after the approval of the sketch. After that I'll proceed with final rendering/coloring.

  • If you ask for several commissions you can choose to pay me singularly or giving me a 50% at the beginning and the remaining at the end of the work.

  • Accepted payment methods: bank transfer and PayPal ("send to friends abroad").


  • Send an email to

  • Write "Commission order" as the object of the email.

  • Write a description of what you want. The more accurate, the better. References are very welcome.

  • A name or nickname will help me to search for your email everytime I need to read your request and to add you to the commission list hereunder, and to tag you on my socials.

  • Please tell me if I can stream the making of on my Twitch channel ( or if you prefer me to keep everything private.

Commission list

Requests are now CLOSED.

Check it regularly to know the progress of your commission.

Thank you so much!