Post Registration FAQ

Q: Can you tell me at what time on 25th June you will start the session and when you will conclude the session on 29th June?

A: We plan to start registration at 10:00 AM and workshop inauguration at 11:00 AM on 25th June. The workshop proceedings will start at 11:30 AM.

We'll try to conclude the workshop by 5:00 PM on 29th.

As some of the participants are leaving little early, certificate distribution will take place during the first half of last day. Detailed time table is available under "Updates".

Q: I've lost my travel tickets. I am still eligible to get TA of 3rd AC? [For QIP only]

A: TA reimbursement is only on actuals.

You MUST produce travel tickets (both sides) to claim TA. You can claim TA for one side only by producing ticket for one side. In order to claim TA for both side journey, you must produce tickets for both way journey.

You will not receive TA, if you do not produce tickets.

Q: I am from Kanpur. Am I eligible to claim TA? [For QIP only]

A: No. TA is only for outstation participants.

Q: Will you provide pickup from and drop to railway station / bus stand / airport?

A: Participants are required to make their own arrangement to arrive at campus and depart from here. The workshop organizing committee will not provide pickup and drop facility.

Q: I am arriving on 23rd (two days prior to the workshop). Can I be accommodated on campus?

A: We've made accommodation arrangements from 24th evening. At this moment we are are not sure if we can accommodate you on 23rd.

You may also consider Satyam Hotel. This affordable hotel is situated nearly 1 Km from IIT main gate.

Q: I am coming from Lucknow. Arriving IIT campus on 24th evening. Is this fine?

A: We suggest all candidates from nearby cities / UP to arrive on 25th morning. Availability of rooms on 24th is limited.

Q: I plan to leave campus on 30th (next day after the workshop). Can you accommodate me till then?

A: We request participants from nearby cities to plan the departure on 29th June as the available rooms on 29th June are limited.

Q: I am a QIP candidate. I belong to Kanpur but my residence is very far from IIT campus and it is very difficult for me to come daily to attend the course. Will you provide me accommodation on IIT campus?

A: Unlike outstation QIP candidates, QIP candidates from Kanpur are not eligible for accommodation on IITK campus. However, we can help you in getting on-campus accommodation, like non-QIP candidates. Please send you accommodation request in advance.

Q: How to pay the accommodation charges at VH?

A: Cash and card are acceptable. Please contact VH's front office on following numbers, for more details:



You will have to execute this transaction directly with VH. Workshop organizing committee is only assisting in making your stay comfortable during the workshop.

Q: Am I supposed to carry my laptop? If yes, what is the operating system requirement?

A: There is no need of your personal laptop for classroom and lab sessions. However we strongly recommend you to carry your laptop/tab as we'll be sharing reading material during the workshop. Windows operating system is required if you want the s/w tools to be installed on your laptop.

Q: What all documents I am supposed to bring?

A: Please bring following documents:

  1. Printout (or soft copy) of the formal invitation letter (You'll receive soon by email),
  2. Valid college / organization ID card [MANDATORY FOR QIP and NON-QIP PARTICIPANTS] and
  3. Any of these - PAN card / Aadhar / Voter ID / Passport / Driving License

Q: I have lost my college ID-card. I have my hostel mess card / library card / college gym card / swimming pool card. Is it ok, if I bring that?

A: Please read answer to the above question

Q: I am coming from Bangalore. I came to know from media that north is experiencing peak summer. What precautions should I take?

A: Typical temperature during the day time is ~40 deg Celsius. Therefore we suggest you to carry

(i) An umbrella to protect yourself from direct sunlight

(ii) A water bottle (Keep drinking lot of water)

Presence of lot of peacocks on the lush green campus of IIT Kanpur would make your stay extremely pleasant. Besides, our classrooms and labs are air conditioned.

Q: May I know what kind of kits you would use for the workshop? I am interested in continuing on this subject after the workshop. Would you allow me to carry the kit?

A: The workshop would be conducted using oblu Learners' Kit. We are procuring these kits especially for this workshop. Each lab group (of 3) would be given one new kit for the lab exercises.

We are conducting this workshop with extremely tight budget. Thanks to oblu.io and other sponsorers for their support in smooth conducting of the workshop. We can not afford to let participants carry these kits with them. However, oblu.io is happy to provide those lab kits at discounted price, exclusively to the workshop participants.

  • *Discount for carrying the same kits which are used during the workshop: 30%
  • *Discount for the fresh kits: 10%

Please express your interest in advance. The organizing committee will pass on your request to oblu.io.

*Offer valid till June 30th, 2017. We'll reopen the offer after gaining clarity on GST.

Pre Registration FAQ


Q: Who should attend this course?

A: You should attend this course if:

  • You are a faculty member who wants to overhaul an existing course on embedded system or design a new course covering latest trends in sensor based systems, wearable gadgets, IoT etc.
  • You are a practicing Computer or IT or Electronics or Instrumentation or Communication or Electrical or Mechanical or Civil or Biomedical engineer or a medical practitioner or a research scientist who deals with sensor based smart gadgets in day to day life. And are interested in gaining holistic knowledge of such state-of-the-art embedded systems, so that you can get best results from such systems.
  • You are an academic researcher - faculty or student - who is focusing on certain aspects of a smart IoT system but lacks knowledge on other aspects which could be crucial for your research as well. You will get overview of building blocks of such embedded systems.
  • You hear a lot about IoT, Wearables, Sensors, Embedded systems, Cloud, Big Data etc and curious to know how such things put together make a complete smart system.

Q: What is the level of complexity of the course content?

A: The purpose of this course is to give overview of state-of-the-art IoT systems. This includes gaining understanding of building blocks, their role in the overall system, different technologies used, interfaces etc. Therefore complexity of the content would be of beginner level.

Q: Is there any prerequisite for this course?

A: You will get the best out of this course if you have:

  1. Basic knowledge of electronic circuits
  2. Basic knowledge of any programming language (C, C++ or Python preferable)
  3. Engineering aptitude and curiosity
  4. Willingness to learn

Q: Will I get some kind of certificate of participation?

A: Yes. You will receive certificate on successful completion of the course.


Q: I am interested in attending the workshop under Non-QIP/Industry category. Will you provide accommodation to Non-QIP candidate on IIT Kanpur campus? or We have to make our own arrangements?

A: There is possibility of accommodating few (maybe 5-6) Non-QIP/Industry candidates in the double occupancy AC rooms of IIT Kanpur main guest house (Visitors' Hostel), on payment basis. We'll entertain such requests in the order of date of confirmed registration (First Come First Serve). Daily rent is approx Rs 1100/- per day, which can be shared by the occupants. More details here. [Workshop participants come under category B.]

We are negotiating with hostel authorities to make few vacant rooms available for our workshop participants. Typical daily rent for such hostel rooms is Rs 50 to Rs 100/-.

We are exploring more options to accommodate all the outstation Non-QIP/Industry participants on campus. The participants will be timely updated.

Many visitors to IIT Kanpur, who are unable to get on-campus accommodation, prefer Satyam Hotel. This affordable hotel is situated nearly 1 Km from IIT main gate (nearly 3 Km from tentative workshop location) and well connected by public transportation.


Q: Who is eligible to apply under QIP category?

A: Any full time permanent faculty member employed with an AICTE approved institutes / universities is eligible to apply under QIP category.

Q: Who may apply under Non-QIP category ?

A: Engineering faculty members, Postgraduate students and Technical staff members of an academic organization. If you are a UG student and want to attend, please contact us before registering.

Q: I am an undergraduate engineering student. I wish to inquire if I'm eligible to apply for the course as it seems to be targeted towards faculty and technical staff members only.

A: Postgraduate students, researchers and other technical staff of academic institutes are eligible to apply under Non-QIP category. Faculty members of an AICTE approved institute are also eligible to apply in Non-QIP category if they are not shortlisted under QIP category.

If you are a UG student and interested in attending the course, we suggest you write to us.

Dont get disappointed if you are not allowed this time. You may get chance next time.

Q: I am a research scholar (Ph.D Program) at NIT, Hamirpur. Can I apply under QIP scheme?

A: Only full time permanent faculty member employed with an AICTE approved institutes / universities is eligible to apply under QIP category.

You are eligible to apply under Non-QIP category. Please complete the registration process accordingly.

Q: I am qualified to apply under QIP category. However, I do not want to miss the course if I am not shortlisted under QIP category. Can I apply under Non-QIP category afterwards?

A: Maximum intake under QIP category is 30. Therefore we'll have to reject some candidatures if the number of applications exceed 30 under this category. You can apply under Non-QIP category anytime before the last date, subject to the availability of the seats.


Q: I am a research scholar from IIT Madras. Is it ok to get the letter from our Head of the department?

A: Applicants from the central government funded institutes / universities like IITs, IIITs, NITs etc are allowed to get endorsement from their respective Head of the Department.

Research scholars from IIT Kanpur may get endorsement from their Faculty Advisers.

Please email to esd4iot@gmail.com if you face any difficulty.

Q: I have applied under Non-QIP category. Do I need to wait for shortlisting before mailing you the original documents?

A: For Non-QIP and Industry candidates, seat allotment is based on First Come First Serve basis. There will not be any shortlisting for the candidates who are eligible to apply under these categories. Therefore you are request to mail us the original document as soon as possible to complete the registration process and reserve your seat.

Q: I am a PhD Research Scholar form IIT madras. I have already done pre-registration under Non-QIP category. I am emailing you the scan copy of the DD for registration as you mentioned in guidelines. However, I am unable to include the endorsement form with this mail, as our HOD is out of station. He will come back tomorrow. We will send the endorsement form then. Can you block my seat today itself.

A: We are blocking your seat for 7 days from today. Please email scan copy of endorsement and also send the original documents in this duration.

Shortlisting for QIP Category

Q: What is the selection criteria for QIP category?

A: The criteria would be a combination of your highest degree, number of years you have spent in teaching and the date of receiving of documents. Besides, few seats are reserved for candidates from UP and IIT Kanpur. Reserved seats would be made open for others in the case of vacancy.

Q: Kanpur is far from our city of residence. Hence we need to plan well in advance. Therefore it would be great if you could let us know our chances of shortlisting in advance.

A: Thank you for expressing interest in the course. We appreciate that. We very well understand your concern. We'll start sharing statistics soon.

Also, please note that registration under Non-QIP category is on First Come First Serve basis. Therefore you may consider applying under that category if you do not want to miss the chance.

Cancellation & Transfer of Candidature

Q: What is the cancellation fee for Non-QIP and Industry candidates?

A: Registration fee for Non-QIP and Industry candidates is non refundable. However, transfer of candidature is possible before beginning of the workshop. This is subject to approval of the organizing committee.

Q: I got shortlisted under QIP category. However due to last minute change in plan, I am unable to attend the course. Can I nominate someone else on my behalf?

A: After shortlisting, candidature is non-transferable under QIP category.

If you inform us in advance about your inability to attend the workshop after completing registration process, the vacant seat may be filled under Non-QIP / Industry category. In that case, your nominated candidate may be allowed to attend under Non-QIP / Industry category, if there is no one else waiting in the queue.

Q: My registration is confirmed. However due to last minute change in plan I am unable to attend the course. There is no one else from my organization who I can nominate on my behalf. Why should I inform you and confirm about my cancellation plan?

A: Number of initial applications received are more than the number of participants we can accommodate in the course. Therefore with a heavy heart we are denying learning opportunity to few who are passionate about the subject matter. Your cancellation would mean one vacant seat which gives a potential opportunity for someone to be little more knowledgeable. So we request you to inform us well in advance if you are unable to attend the course, even after confirmed registration, and have no one to nominate.

We definitely want to have you in our course. However, last minute change in plan is understood. If you follow our advice, we'll highlight your name on our website and also mention who got benefited because of your responsible action.