Sea Shell Sculptures

So what to do with all those fantastic shells, sticks and bones lying about on the beach? Why glue them together, of course!

If you would like to see these sea shell sculptures in the flesh, there are twenty of them on permanent display in the Museo Del Estero located at the Estero Beach Hotel and Resort south of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Many of the shapes found in the sculptures below are also found in the Table-Top Sculptures and People-Sized Sculptures.

Any questions: sailing sands @ hush mail . com

Geoduck Dream Sculpture

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Four Point Exploding Clam Dream Sculpture

Rest In Peace Sculpture

Sting Sculpture

Fish In Lights Sculpture

Crab Under Fire Sculpture

Shaman Sculpture

Shell Blossom Sculpture

Alfonso Soprano Sculpture

Snake, Vulture And Fleeing Fish Sculpture

Pelican Whale Sculpture

Eureka! Sculpture

Dive Into Life Sculpture

Run Away! Sculpture

Last Stand Sculpture

Near Kiss Sculpture

Rib On Wing Con Caracol Eyes Sculpture

Pelican King Sculpture

Spiral Bird Galaxy Sculpture

Sea Lion Bust Sculpture

Mars Princess Sculpture

Astronomer Sculpture

Dance Sculpture

Gentle Giant Clam Dream Sculpture

Slocum's End Sculpture