KwiKat Landsailer For Sale

What Makes Kwikat Super Flexible and Fun To Sail?

1. Variable length axles. Each axle is independently adjustable by four inches in two inch increments. So a rear track of between 60 and 52 inches. This gives the cart a Length to Width ratio of between 1.54 and 1.33. NOTE: while lower L/W ratios provide for more resistance to flipping, higher ratios make for much better handling when sailing on two wheels.

Optimizing Length/Width Ratio for Maximum Righting Moment

2. The mast post is adjustable forward and aft. Sometimes changing the wheels or sail can affect the fore/aft balance of the cart, adjusting the mast allows for balancing the cart's power very precisely. Four bolts removes the mast base from the frame.

3. Rotary Foot steering. Leaves you with both hands free for sail handling. AND there is no steering linkage so your feet act directly on the front wheel. Plus the motion is circular like the steering wheel on a car, so very precise control. Foot pads are adjustable 5 inches fore/aft.

4. Rear wheels are cambered in by about 15 degree to increase resistance to side forces. AND it also means that when sailing on two wheels the rear wheel is actually pretty upright which you want.

5. A nice padded seat with seat belt. The seat cushion is 21 inches wide over the rear axle.

6. sorry, no sails.

7. Two masts: Neil Pryde Carbon 15 (460cm), Max HD Epoxy (465cm)

8. One Aluminum boom (140-200cm)

9. Eleven split rim 6″ Azusalite Wheels

10. Lots of tires: 2 x 530-450 knobby tread, 4 x 410-350 Utility tread, 7 round profile (two brand new, plus inner tubes)

11. Front wheel is 12-1/2" x 2-1/4 on plastic rim. Tire and tube are new.

12. Axles are 18 inches long, made from 1-1/2" fiberglass tubing with 1/4" inch wall--very strong. Attaches to cart with spring buttons. Includes extra piece of fiberglass tubing long enough to make three more axles.

KwiKat is an inspiring ride on sand or dry lakes. I have sailed mostly on the five mile sand beach at Punta Banda. My top speed on the beach was 39 mph, and one afternoon i sailed 99.5 miles in just over four hours. In 2010 i sailed over a thousand miles over a three month period.

I have been to Ivanpah and El Mirage and gotta say i was really intimidated by the speed at first. Dry lake sailing is so much faster than sailing on sand. But as you can see in the videos i got used to it and was soon sliding the rear wheel while sailing along on two wheels.

Some of the best times of life have been spent sailing KwiKat but i have been away from the beach for several years now and its time to pass it on.

Removing the axles and seat (no tools required) KwiKat fits in the back of a Ford Escape with the front wheel between the two front seats. One bolt removes the steering gear and you are down to 60 inches long by 32 inches wide.

KwiKat is located in Ensenada, Baja California and its all yours for us$1,600

Cheers, Gordon

sailing sands @ hush mail . com