Escher C Shells Sculptures

Sculptures made from shells, wood and bone collected on the beach.

Inspired by nature and made for the home or office, they fit nicely on a table or desk.

These are people sized sculptures for large rooms or gardens.

Escher C Shells Sculptures

Bird Sculptures

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Lotus: Heart Of Gold Sculpture and Leaf Sculptures

Flower Sculptures

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Fish Sculptures

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The Origins Of Escher C Shells

A world of art apart from the ordinary; these sculptures are the creative works of (me) Gordon Parnell who began this project in 2013 while walking three miles a day on the beach--and meditating an hour or two most morning. Before I knew what was happening i was building sea shell sculptures with interesting bits i was finding and collecting on the beach.

A couple years on, someone said to me, "You should make larger sculptures." and thus began my people-sized sculptures phase. Not knowing any better i built REALLY BIG sculptures.

Along the way i moved away from the beach and found a home for 20 of my sea shell sculptures in the Museo Del Estero located at the Estero Beach Hotel and Resort south of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. I retained a few of these sculptures at my home but most have made their way back to the beach whence they came.

Several years went by and one day (in March 2020) i wanted to send a sculpture to a friend but realized i had no sculptures small enough to send through the mail. And thus began my table-top sculptures phase--where i am today, happily building, painting and meditating.

I invite you to peruse all three categories of sculpture and welcome any thoughts you might have.

Cheers, Gordon

p.s. Aside from the Sea-Shell sculptures, all my sculptures are made from paper mache and gypsum. Along the way I developed one of the smoothest finishes in the business. at home in the finest homes and gardens.

Gordon The Gray

(Photo By Fleur)

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