Escher C Shells Sculptures

Sculptures made from shells, wood and bone collected on the beach.

Inspired by nature and made for the home or office, they fit nicely on a table or desk.

These are people sized sculptures for large rooms or gardens.

Escher C Shells Sculptures

Bird Sculptures

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Lotus: Heart Of Gold Sculpture and Leaf Sculptures

Flower Sculptures

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Fish Sculptures

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The Origins Of Escher C Shells

Gordon Parnell began this project by accident in 2013 while walking three miles a day on the beach--and practicing meditation for an hour or two in the morning. Before he knew what was happening he was building sea shell sculptures with interesting shells, bones and sticks found scattered about the beach with each passing tide.

A couple years on, someone said, "You should make larger sculptures." and thus began my people-sized sculptures phase. Not knowing any better i built REALLY BIG sculptures using materials readily at hand: flour, old newspapers and gypsum.

Along the way i moved away from the beach and found a home for 20 of my sea shell sculptures in the Museo Del Estero located at the Estero Beach Hotel and Resort south of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. I retained a few of these sculptures at my home but most have made their way back to the beach whence they came.

Several years went by and one day (in March 2020) i wanted to send a sculpture to a friend but realized i had no sculptures small enough to send through the mail. And thus began my table-top sculptures phase--which continues to this day.

i moved from Baja California, Mexico to Keremeos, BC in April 2021. i work on a cattle ranch and do art when i can.

i currently have 6 made in BC sculptures on the way and expect them to be ready early in the new year.

Cheers, Gordon

Gordon The Gray

(Photo By Fleur)