Escape the Dungeon!

Once upon a time there was a great land called Infinity Falls. Infinity Falls was ruled by a great king named Ethan of Infinity and protected by his knights - Sebastian the Wise Knight, John the Joyful Knight , Jorel the Strong Knight and Robert the Great Knight. The kingdom was filled with happiness and riches beyond the imagination.

The kingdom near Infinity Falls, the City of Gloom, was a different story. The City of Gloom was ruled by an evil queen named Delilah. Delilah had great dreams of conquering all of the lands and she set her sights on Infinity Falls. Being the brilliant and evil mastermind that she was, Delilah sent her knights to capture the king and his knights. Unfortunately, Delilah was successful and the king and his knights were captured and locked in a dungeon in Ethan's own castle.

Ethan and his knights are locked in different cells and each cell contains a lock. Outside of the cells, there is one final lock to escape the dungeon and reclaim the kingdom.

Can you save Infinity Falls?