Welcome to the Schitt’s Creek Escape Room

You can complete this escape room by yourself or as part of a small little games night. Just be careful: any more than 6 and game play gets too yelly.

If you time yourself, you can challenge your friends to beat your time! Or you can play together on Zoom!

The answers for this escape room come from seasons 1-5. There’s nothing from season 6 so if you haven’t seen it yet, you can still play. There are 3 levels of game play. The story is the same in all 3 levels, but the difficulty of the questions varies.

Make sure you open hints in a new tab/window, otherwise you'll lose your progress.

Choose whichever level you want or complete it thrice!

Warmest regards!

-Schitt’s Sheets

*There is no money for competing at any level, just bragging rights