Escape the Spooky House!

One day, you were walking down the street with your neighbor to play at the park near your house. The leaves have all turned red, orange, and brown, and porches have been decorated with pumpkins. It's your favorite time of year! Your neighbor, Alex, points across the road. "Have you ever seen that house before?" she says, looking both nervous and excited. You look and see an old, boarded up house that has never been there before. You feel a little nervous. You shake your head no.

"Let's go!" she replies eagerly, pulling you along, "I bet someone decorated their house like this for the holiday!"

You walk across the yard overgrown with weeds. The porch steps are rotting and you have to watch where you step. Alex raises her hand to knock, but the door creaks open before she does. She gasps excitedly. "Let's go in!"

You are about to tell her no, but again she pulls you inside. The door slams shut behind you... but there is no one to have shut it!

You both spin around to leave, but discover that the door has been locked shut! You notice the door has a series of locks on it. You must work with your partner(s) to find clues and use your knowledge of your Unit 1 Reading and Writing skills to figure out how to open the door and escape! Good luck!

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