Cloud Solution & Mobile Apps

ERPa2z is cloud ERP solution:

ERPa2z is cloud ERP solution. It is being used by clients at production since 2015 till now.

ERPa2z manages finical operations such as Sales & Purchase Management, Client & Supplier Accounts, Monetary Accounts (Cash accounts, Bank accounts, Bank Cheques and Partners monetary accounts.), Expenses, Financial Custody, Employee Payroll, Cost Management and Generic Accounts.

Complete Inventory Management is included where product stock/quantity is updated according to Purchase/Sales Order, Quotation and Invoice process.

Supplier's/Client's accounts are updated accordingly with detailed financial statement feature. Financial reports are developed with proper filter options to elaborate financial status, query exact financial operation or payment and track accounts.

Now version 4 is live. It contains File Management module for attaching files like P.O., contract, audio, video, etc. to Sales & Purchase Transactions.

ERPa2z Mobile Apps:

  • ERPa2z Manager, iPhone & Android mobile app, is used by manager to monitor & track work progress, access reports and retrieve required data & reports submitted by employees from ERPa2z cloud/web based solution.

  • ERPa2z HR, iPhone & Android mobile app, contains HR features for employees & managers like tracking attendance’s time, location and permissions, creating & manipulating tasks, viewing employee's schedule on calendar. Also, submitting vacation request & approve if user has the proper permission with updating vacation's balance of the employee. Employee evaluation feature enable manager to evaluate his/her employees through the mobile using different templates and metrics and the employee can view his/her published evaluation. HR App also contains other HR functionalities.