Welcome to Ms. Bland's Website

Welcome! Below are summaries of the courses I am teaching this year. As a student, you will be able to determine your classwork and grades. As a parent, you will also be able to browse this site to keep up with your child's coursework and grades as well. I know we are going to have a fantastic year!

7th Grade English/Language Arts

This course is dedicated to pursuing the answers to four essential questions. Each quarter will be devoted to a new question, and each answer will build off the previous quarter's inquiry.

First Quarter Essential Question:

  • How might we (HMW) create a lasting legacy?

Second Quarter Essential Question:

  • HMW contribute to the positive growth of our community?

Third Quarter Essential Question:

  • HMW solve challenges facing our world today?

Fourth Quarter Essential Question:

  • HMW make choices which lead to a successful future?

Character Leaders

Students in this course build a sense of belonging and service to the community and will accomplish this through several different modes. Service projects, drives for food, socks, and shelter animals are among the many activities the students will help organize.

In addition to these responsibilities, students will develop a sense of entrepreneurial learning by helping run the button business, VIDA Dreamers. Students will help create the button designs, make the buttons, handle the cash flow for the business, and market the buttons. Often they will have the opportunity to work by selling buttons before school or at after school activities.

Students will also create a Passion Project that requires 10 hours of service for each each semester. They will select a cause they are interested in and determine how they can help shed light on the problem and ultimately perhaps help improve the issue.

Jewelry Design and Production Design Lab

Students will learn the basics of jewelry design to create a cohesive collection of their own original jewelry based on a color story and reflective of a cause they are passionate about. Explore 3D printed jewelry, beading, and learn to use photography and lighting to feature your collection on a professional model. Students will showcase their collections for others, and some may start their own business!

Skills: Students will learn how to create jewelry with a 3D printer, basics of beading, and using multiple tools to affix many kinds of clasps to wire, chain, and cord to create necklaces, earings, bracelets, or any other kind of jewelry desired. Students will learn to forecast trends and create cohesive collections. Students will learn photography and lighting basics and have the opportunity to style and photograph their collections on a professional model. Students will learn to style an guide a photoshoot.

Creativity: Students will create cohesive collections which artistically reflect emotion, color, and/or a cause. Students will have an abundance of options to create very unique jewelry.

Design Thinking: Students will use the design thinking process to design original jewelry collections to bring awareness to a cause they are passionate about, as well as use the design thinking process to create a cohesive color collection.