Erika Giron is a versatile business management professional. Her background includes expertise in the areas of healthcare, staffing solutions, recruiting, primary care and global health.

Since 2016, Erika Giron has presented Horizon Pacific Staffing as the team’s Principal Recruiter. Drawing on a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry, Erika brings a seasoned perspective to the role. Horizon Pacific Staffing specifically serves the healthcare industry with staffing solutions that connect qualified candidates with a variety of medical practices and entities. Specifically, Erika and her team work with Behavioral Health Facilities, School Districts, Pharmacies, Correctional Facilities, Clinics, CCRCs (Community Care Retirement Communities), ALs, LTCs (Long Term Care), SNFs (Skilled Nursing Facilities), as well as Nationwide and Local Hospitals.

Erika Giron Global Health

Throughout her career, Erika Giron has harbored a strong professional passion for matters related to international and global health care. She has both conducted research as well as participated in volunteer-led medical efforts overseas. In the future, she hopes to discuss these experiences at length with readers of her blog. Erika will also share information for individuals interested in pursuing similar work and volunteering opportunities.