Resources & Photo Stuff

This page lists some of my favorite books, vlogs, webpages, movies and apps related to digital photography. If you have any resources you are willing to share please let me know and I might add it to my page.


David Busch's book is my favorite one for the Rebel T6i. Packed with information on every aspect of the camera and great detail describing how each feature. My first suggestion for anyone that is looking for more advanced manual than is provided with the camera.

Jeff Revell's book is the first one I bought after getting my T6i. The tone of the book is more conversational and includes great real world examples describing when to use certain features. Extra online chapters can be downloaded on video options available on the T6i.

Photography Vlogs / YouTube Channels

Peter McKinnon

Peter is my favorite photography vlogger. He is always upbeat, has practical advice and I always learn something from watching his videos. He is the type of person that I would love to sit down over a cup of coffee and visit with him about photography.

Favorite Photo Follows on Twitter

@TaslerPhoto - one of favorite Kansas City area photographers, does amazing work

@KCSports_Net - taking all kinds of sports pictures around Kansas City - Jeff Billings has been a major help to me

@ChrisAlvey - a fellow photographer in Liberty that is a good friend and takes lots of Liberty Jays photos