My current camera is a Canon 7D that I purchased used from Unique Photo in April 2018. Great step up from my Canon Rebel T6i. I've enjoyed learning the variety of new settings and it has served me well taking photos at a variety of sporting events. Service from Unique Photo was outstanding.

My first "nice" camera was a Rebel T6i that I purchased in May of 2016. When I started to sell some photos to friends and at a shop in Liberty I started to save up money toward a nice camera. I did my research and decided on the Rebel T6i. Since I do use it for some vlogging I wanted to get the view screen that tilted out. I bought it at Sam's Club and it came with two lens - a 18-55 mm and a 55-250 mm - and a camera bag.

My primary lens for shooting high school athletics. I saved up for over a year before purchasing this beautiful piece of glass in August of 2018.

I purchased this lens in November of 2017 primarily for shooting basketball games. It is a super sharp lens and great for portraits as well. It is a prime lens so it makes the photographer work a little more to get in position for the shot you want. I saved up from selling photos to be able to purchase it.

Under the basket at high school games sometimes need to get a little shorter focal length than my 85 or my 70-200 provide so I'll shot with this "fast 50". I purchased it in December 2018.

This was the first lens I bought after getting my camera and it's kit lens. It is a nice prime lens, great for portraits. Purchased in June 2016

My favorite card reader for compact flash cards is from PixelFlash. It is heavy duty and compact enough to make travel easy. It is roughly the same size as my lens filters so I often put it in my camera bag with my filters. Impossible to bend the pins and much easier than having a card reader with a cord.

After trying several monopods this is my favorite. I use it on the sidelines of football games to provide me some stability. This one is made of carbon fiber and really like. The 5 leg sections have anti-rotation twist locks to enhance stability which I prefer over the clip locks on other monopods. It came with a nice travel bag and has different pegs for the bottom including a spike which works well on the sidelines of football games.

I own two of these rapid straps. Heavy duty build and has a safety teether which provides an extra level of protection. The plate on the bottom is metal and has a nice metal screw for attach the camera body. A zipper on the strap provides a place to keep some extra cards and easy access when I need it.

My current everyday camera bag. I like that I the bag has a single panel cover that opens and that you need to open it from the back. The compartment has a zipper and I think it helps keep all my loose gear in one place. This bag has plenty of room for my essential gear and is comfortable.