Cameras & Equipment

My "nice" camera is a Rebel T6i that I purchased in May of 2016. When I started to sell some photos to friends and at a shop in Liberty I started to save up money toward a nice camera. I did my research and decided on the Rebel T6i. Since I do use it for some vlogging I wanted to get the view screen that tilted out. I bought it at Sam's Club and it came with two lens - a 18-55 mm and a 55-250 mm - and a camera bag.

I have enjoyed learning to use this camera and there are many options that I still need to learn. It has been a great camera for me and one tht i will be able to grow with for a while.

Check out my Resources & Photo Stuff page for some books that I recommend if you have this camera.

I purchased this lens in November of 2017 primarily for shooting basketball games. It is a super sharp lens and great for portraits as well. It is a prime lens so it makes the photographer work a little more to get in position for the shot you want. I saved up from selling photos to be able to purchase it.

This was the first lens I bought after getting my camera and it's kit lens. All my research said that a good 50mm was a must have for all photographers - the "Nifty Fifty". It was economical - around $125 - and is a nice prime lens. I have used it a couple of times for shooting basketball but the motor isn't quite as fast. It is a great portrait lens. I saved up some money from selling photos to purchase it.

This kit lens came with my camera when I purchased it in May 2016. It is a nice little telephoto lens and I have used for a variety of shots including portraits and sports.

This is the second kits lens that came with my camera when I purchased it in May 2016. I have enjoyed using it mostly as a telephoto lens while shooting sports. I used it a lot in the fall of 2017 for football pictures.

Some of the photos you see on my site are taken with the phone that I carry with me each day - a Nexus 6. In fact, I will often just take my phone with me when I am going to an event or place that I know I will be taking pictures instead of also taking my point and shoot camera. One of the major criteria, but not only criteria, that I used in determining which phone to buy was the quality and features of the camera.

I have been really happy with my Nexus 6 and the quality of photos. The standard Google camera app on the Nexus 6 is great for taking photospheres (360 degree photos) and panoramic photos. I have found the standard digital still photos to be great quality and when I shoot an occasional video it is in 4K format.

When I want to do a quick edit or postproduction to a photo on my phone I use the free Snapseed app.

I occasionally receive a comment or two about the size of the Nexus 6 - my wife may or may not refer to it as a tablet - but the larger screen size is great when viewing and editing photos on the go.