Ozpills Reviews

Ozpills Reviews

If a person was to ask ‘is Viagra safe to buy online’ just a decade ago, the answer may very well have been a "we aren't sure" and they certainly wouldn't have heard of cialis. This actually had nothing to do with the medication itself, but with the way in which it was ordered. Back then people had a very low level of understanding regarding dosages, so it wasn’t uncommon for men to order the drug, use it as they saw fit and then suffer with side effects because they had not bought from a reputable supplier.

What has changed?

The side effects reported years ago when buying online would typically depend on the amount ingested and the age of the individual consuming it. In some cases it could result in prolonged erections that could pose an inconvenience to say the least. In other instances the likelihood of blood pressure increasing could be far more prominent, which could sometimes lead to other health issues and other complications.

What’s different these days?

As of mid-2012 any medication being used to treat erectile dysfunction would typically need to be formally recognised by the FDA and then approved for market. Many different generic brands of this medication are now available including Sildenafil and Tadalafil –and can be bought online at safe outlets.

What customers at Ozpills say:

Thank you very much, excellent customer service. Only trusted site I order from.


Roger P, Melbourne

Thank you for your reassurance & your reply. It has only been brought to my attention recently that the particular products I purchased can be used for a variety of conditions, rather the just the one I had always assumed they were used for. Which to be honest, suprised me. I have done research on this myself & have spoken to a general practice doctor so it does genuinely appear that they will be worth trying at least.

Thank you for your time all the best to you

Bye for now.

Mark V, Brisbane

Hi Team,

I was totally confused as to what happened so thankyou for your prompt attention to this matter. Always a pleasure dealing with such a professional company as yourselves.

Gavin P, Melbourne

Hi Customer Support,

Thank you very much for your prompt attention to billing mistake that occurred on my account, my wife and I are on a pension and could ill afford a 'double billing'

We may have made the mistake when ordering as we are not all that great on the computer! However, it was corrected, and we are very appreciative.

May we take this opportunity to also thank you and the Oz Pills Team for your wonderful service, the previous order arrived promptly in the mail, and may I say we are thrilled with the medication!

With kind regards,

Liam S, Hunter Valley