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Is It Safe to Buy Viagra Online?

Ever since its original introduction in 1998, Viagra has become one of the most popular medications in the world – with an estimated yearly spend of $500 million around the globe. The drug was initially developed to treat erectile dysfunction, but has since gone on to help with the treatment of pulmonary hypertension and other blood-related medical ailments. Although many people receive theirs under prescribed names such as Sildenafil, plenty more choose to buy online, but is it safe?

Things to consider when buying Viagra online

As with most types of medicine, this one poses its own selection of risks and the majority of them relate to misuse or overdosing. As the chemicals within each pill act to trigger a reaction within the blood, loosen vessels and arteries and promote blood flow; too much can result in heart conditions and too little can pose the risk of no-effects.

When receiving the medication via prescription and under the guidance of a doctor, it can be possible to minimise risks whilst maximising safety.

On the other hand, and when buying online, there are several things to consider. We’ll be taking a closer look at them below.

Buying Viagra from a trusted supplier

There are plenty of online outlets that specialise in medical products and in order for their activities to comply with laws and legislations, they must be licensed and authorised to distribute. When buying online, always look for the relevant safety factors such as the ‘https’ text and guarantees provided by the supplier that can be cross-referenced to ensure that they are registered as necessary.

Taking the right ED meds dosage

One of the biggest concerns when self-medicating is that the user might not consume the right dosage; either by exposing themselves to too little, or too much. Although the former might not pose a risk, most people won’t want to waste their medication. The latter on the other hand can be life threatening, so it’s vitally important to ensure that you read all information relating to dosages before any drug consumption; let alone one that will play a role in the functionality of your blood flow.

Picking the correct product

One final thing to consider is that Viagra is the name of the licensed chemical formula; but it is often provided under other branded names online and via prescription. Names such as Sildenafil, the brand Cialis20mg and Tadalafil are commonly sold online and for all intents and purposes they are the same as their parent product; just manufactured and distributed by different companies.

Potential Risk for Men Taking Cialis and Viagra For Erectile Dysfunction

The original purpose for the class of medications known as PDE 5 inhibitors was for men suffering from angina. Angina is chest pain commonly caused by a lack of blood to the heart such as is found in patients who suffer from coronary artery disease. PD5 inhibitors relax the blood vessels allowing blood to flow more easily – thus these drugs were helpful in lessening chest pain due to blood restriction. It was found that this type of medication which allows blood to flow more easily through the chest, could also allow blood to flow more readily into the penis. That is how medications such as Cialis and Viagra evolved from the original PDE5 inhibitory medications. It is indeed fortunate that men who suffer from coronary artery disease can take advantage of PDE5 inhibitors because they will more likely than not also suffer from erectile dysfunction. Similarly and conversely, if a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, he should be checked out for arteriosclerosis, inflammation and other signs that he could be suffering from a more serious medical condition. Chronic health conditions that are related to occluded arteries may be discovered by the more obvious symptom of erectile dysfunction – long before other symptoms become noticed.

Cialis, Viagra and the third PDE5 inhibitor medication

Generic cialis, Viagra and the third PDE5 inhibitor medication, Levitra are usually prescribed first for erectile dysfunction. They have all been thoroughly tested and deemed safe for men who suffer from various health conditions as well as healthy men. Men who suffer from common chronic health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure commonly experience great success with these medications. The medications mostly impact in a positive way upon their inflammatory conditions. Amongst men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, a great proportion also suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol and generalised inflammation. The most common factor for these men is vascular disease. Cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction are often linked as demonstrated by studies and clinical experience.

Medical Guidelines For Using Viagra and Other PDE5 Inhibitors

Doctors follow guidelines when patients present from erectile dysfunction so that they screen for and diagnose the risk for cardiovascular disease in these men. It is considered a vital opportunity to ensure that the early warning signs of a potentially deadly condition are not missed.

In all cases, always follow the advice provided within the packaging and if in doubt, consult a doctor.

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