Project Content:

The ERC consolidator project METAmorphoses (2019-2023) will realize shapeshifting optical metasurfaces that change functionality on-demand and adapt to changing external conditions.

The metasurfaces will be made of polymers containing photo-switchable molecules. Such polymers will be structured with visible light to realize metasurfaces that work in a broad wavelengths range.

State-of-the-art optical nano-imaging techniques will be also used to investigate the surface structuring phenomenon at the nanoscale in order to achieve full control of the mechanism.

A number of positions will be available starting September 2019 at a PhD and Postdoc level. A wide range of competences will be necessary within the group, like FDTD simulations; Computer Generated Holography; Optical Scanning Probe Microscopy; Polymers Synthesis; Metasurfaces.

If you are interested and you think that your CV matches the project needs, please send correspondence to