C6 Online Shopping, Cyber Gambling and Cyber Violence

Description of the activity: -

Last mobility will be held in Italy in May 2020, Italian team will give us a detailed presentation about the reasons and effects of online shopping, cybergambling cyber violence and cyber bullying. Activity flow day by day:

DAY-1 A detailed information about “online shopping, cyber gambling cyber violence and cyber bullying” will be presented. This presentation will include the current situation of this addiction among Italian teenagers and precautions taken by government and schools to deal with it. The physiological effects of this addiction will also be addressed. Students will watch videos about cyber bullying especially among teenagers based on areal events.

DAY-2 Physical and economic effects of online shopping and cyber gambling addiction will be discussed. Considerable samples from real life will be analyzed. Each country will prepare a short role play to display on the last day of work shop about these addictions.

DAY-3 Social effects of the addiction will be tackled. A school magazine in which online shopping, cyber gambling cyber violence and cyber bullyingtopics are explained will be designed by pupils

Day-4 The activities done on first three days will be revised. Students will use social networks and eTwinning to share the outputs of the meeting. Inthe afternoon project outputs and workshop products (role plays, school magazine about addiction) will be exhibited to other students, teachers, families and local authorities in a conference hall.

Italian school will be responsible for designing a school magazine for the project. All the participants in the mobility will decide on the design and visuals on the school magazine.