Erasmus+ Pinerolo 2019

Moate Business College Erasmus+ Students 2019: Location Pinerolo, Italy

The Erasmus+ programme today is designed to foster a skilled and dynamic work force within the European Union. It allows students in vocational education and training to undertake temporary transnational training/work placements over a 3 week period, gaining an understanding of different cultures, languages and work practices.

It allows organisations to work with European partners, in order to exchange practices and increase expertise of students whilst abroad. Essentially it is a European Funded programme that allows students in further education to travel to and work in a European country in order to improve and develop individual’s personal, social and professional skills.

Week 1 in Pinerolo - Some sight-seeing

Day 1 - Today I met my host family after we got off the bus. I was very nervous but they made me feel so welcome from the very start. Val had a delicious lasagna preppared for dinner when we arrived in the apartment. Barbara was very chatty all day which made me feel at home and helped me to settle in. Later that evening, I met Barbara's older sister Roberta, who was so nice and talkative. The family have such a high level of English, which makes it very easy for me to talk to them and get along very well with them. I am very happy with my host family, they couldn't be any nicer and I feel very welcome and at home here with them.


Day 2 - This afternoon, I met Barbra's father, Franco. He is a very funny, nice man. He does not speak English, but gave me a big hug and seemed very excited to meet me. He took Barbara and I to Turin along with her two friends. They took me on a lovely walk around Turin where they showed me lots of interesting places and always told me the history behind each building or monument. We did not have enough time to see everything, but in the few hours we had, I had a really enjoyable time and learned so much about Turin!

When we returned from Turin, I met up with all the MBC students for pizza. It was so nice to see everybody and hear how they are all settling in, the pizza was delicious too!


Day 3 - Today was our first day at work. I walked to school with Barbara where I sat in on one class and met the students, who were very friendly and spoke very good English. After that, myself and Kealan were brought over to CFIQ to begin our work experience. We met with Sylvia and Elena who were so nice to us. They gave us a brief tour of the building before showing us to our very own office. Elena gave us our tasks to do and we began carrying out our work. I really like how we have our own little office with our own laptops, we are situated right beside Sylvia and Elena's offices so if we ever need any help, they are right here. Our first tasks were to spell check a project and then create a powerpoint based on this project and conduct some budgeting for the project using Microsoft Excel. It is great that our work involves using programmes which we use on a daily basis back in Moate Business College.




Out and About


Day 7 - Today Kaelan and I visited one of the classes in CFIQ to speak to them about our lives in Ireland and our experience in Italy so far. I really enjoyed this and it was probably my favourite day in work so far. We showed them a presentation which we had prepared about Ireland as a country. The class were very polite and were very interested in what we had to say. They had a lot of questions for us also!

Week 2 in Pinerolo - Visit to Milan

Day 8 - This evening we all went for pizza in Federica's house, where Dan is staying. This was a very nice evening because we got to all meet up for food and meet the families our friends are stayign with. The pizza was delicious and the evening was very well organized and it was so nice of Federeica to have us all!


Day 12 - The principle of the secondary school organized for us all to meet up along with our host families for a meal. Each family brought something for us to eat. There was so much food to eat and the desserts were delicious. Here, we met with some teachers from the secondary school. They told us which classrooms we would be making our presentations in front of, and gave us a timetable of what time to be at each classroom at. This was very helpful!


Day 13 - Today we went to the secondary school in order to meet students to show them our presentations and talk about Ireland aswell as hearing a lot about their lives in Italy. The students I met were very friendly and funny. They weren't shy and spoke very good English. I was very interested to see what a typical day of school is like in Italy, as there are some differences from that in Ireland.


Kealan and John walked to the Cathedral

Some nice Structures