Welcome to the Erasmus plus "Music and Arts in Nature" blog!

The project "Music and Arts in Nature: a Kind Approach to Life" aims at engaging teenage students in the discovery, promotion and respect of the natural, artistic and cultural heritage across their national boundaries

Who are we?

We are a team of secondary school teachers from four European States, far from one another, yet sharing similar educational and cultural objectives and interests.

Our schools are located in Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The partners have been selected by the leading organization, Federico De Roberto School in Italy, among those who respected certain characteristics, namely music and the artistic vocation of their schools; the age of their students; the role of music in their curriculum and finally the use of innovative teaching tools that aim at strengthening the students' digital skills. We believe that the project and the mobility within the project will contribute to creating a bridge between the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, offering its participants the opportunity to share their different artistic traditions, discover natural and historical beauties and deepen their roots and the origins of their culture traditions.

The aim of this blog is to talk about our individual experiences, but also, and above all, the experiences that students and teachers participating in Erasmus plus transnational mobility will have during their visits to the host countries over the two years of the project

"My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature"

Claude Monet