The Gut-Brain Connection

I am a Neuroscientist studying the interplay between the gut, the immune and the nervous systems and how these interactions affect aging and neurological disease. The human body is a complex multi-system where neurological, hormonal, immune and metabolic signals are regulated by molecules of environmental origin. In turn, environmental factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, sleep and pollutant exposure influence the way we age and our susceptibility to neurological disorders. The gut constantly communicates with the nervous system through a complex network termed the gut-brain axis. As the largest reservoir of immune cells in the body, and the main organ interacting with the environment harbouring numerous bacterial species, the gut is a key player and a compelling target to understand brain pathologies and their mechanisms. Specifically, I aim to identify new immune interactions/mediators in post-stroke immune response that may serve as novel approaches to treat stroke and to better understand basic age-related biological processes.

Contact details:

Eran Blacher, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow

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Stanford, CA 94305

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