Debate for Understanding

Gauja, Latvia on 3-11 April, 2018

In the frame of the ERASMUS + program, representative of ERA Center took place in a 8 day training course (TC) in Latvia. This TC involved 23 active youth workers from 21 different European countries.

This TC was based on experiential learning, were the participants experienced different activities, facing different situations and taking their own conclusions in a debate. The main objective was to promote the concept of collaborative debating. Participants were also taught that in real life what’s important is not only how well your arguments are formulated, but also the way you deliver them – rhetoric, which is the art of effective persuasion, is vital and should be always present in a good speech.

Furthermore, they had an opportunity to work in groups to create their own collaborative debating event and organize various workshops, which they later presented to the rest of the group and acted as facilitators.

Participants had the opportunity to also visit Riga, the Gauja National Park and the nearby town of Sigulda. In Sigulda participants visited the Youth Center where they met and discussed with young people and decision-makers.

The project is financed by the Erasmus + program, KA 1 - mobility of young people and youth workers.

Empowerment, Vitality and Assertiveness - Female Education in Mentoring (EVA-FEM)

28 January-05 February 2018, Skopje, Macedonia

EVA-FEM bring together 39 young women and girls and leaders from Ireland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Macedonia, France and Greece.

EVA-FEM is a project to develop competences around the well-being of disadvantaged young women who have experienced different psychosocial threats and exclusion, immigrants, victims from conflict and disaster, traumatic events like spinal injury, victims of violence and additionally for young females from the wider community who may have had a personal crisis. The project intends to empower the young women, promote independence and increase competences and different types of communication skills that will enhance their psychosocial well-being.

Youth Exchange "All inclusive – Applying Artistic Theater Methods in Youth Work with Handicapped or Disadvantaged Youth

6.10.2017 – 14.10.2017, Ključ, Bosnia-Herzegovina

The project was aiming to introduce the young participants to the secrets of artistic theater. The objective is to strengthen their self-confidence, body control and their sense of group cooperation as well as respect towards each other. During this Youth Exchange, the participants have developed and created their own theater performance and present it in public. They also enjoyed a colorful by-program in a charming place and careful treatment in a safe environment.

In this training six participants from ERA Center took place and they had an opportunity with other participants to share on a theoretical and practical scale their experiences with results and problems in the implementation of national strategies for inclusion. The training course put a special emphasis on the situation of impaired youth in rural areas and possibilities of improvement in cooperation with local and national institutions. Participants were also introduced to European programs for the promotion of the goal of inclusion.

Together for Social entrepreneurship and Social innovation

11.09.2017-18.09.2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Social Entrepreneurship training for Youth Workers "Together for Social entrepreneurship and Social innovation" was focused on helping Youth Workers, Social Workers, Youth Leaders and Mentors, who where interested in the concepts of social innovation and social entrepreneurship for a better future. The realization of the project "Together for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation" will contribute to the development of social entrepreneurship across the EU through the transfer of innovative products and processes, as well as the exchange of good practices. It will help us to promote entrepreneurship as a career choice for European citizens, also will boost creating of new jobs, it will stimulate the innovation in businesses with a cause.

The project aims to give youth and social workers, leaders and mentors innovative tools for sustainable change. The eight day course give our 4 participants tools to develop as entrepreneurs for social good.

Building Resilience for Youth Employability

The project was focused on the key coaching skills and fundamental psychological and pedagogical strategies . The course was delivered in a way that has enabled Youth Workers to gain first-hand knowledge and experience of the emotional resilience-building strategies.

The project aims was to develop the capacities of youth work practitioners in using coaching as an effective guidance, motivation and empowerment tool in building young people ’ s resilience, especially for the job market.

The project took place in Worcester , UK from 02-09 July, 2017. In this project took place 32 participants from different countries of Europe.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission and the UK National Agency.


This project included 10 partners from: Serbia, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Slovakia, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria and Macedonia, gathered together to implement the project "EU school of T-skills & self-employment" applied by Youth organization of Europe for International Cooperation from Serbia.

The purpose of this training course was to increase participants understanding of transversal skills and improving their professional and business skills toward T-shaped concept.

Contact Making Event

This project has was gathered 27 youth workers and project coordinators from around Europe to better understand implications of youth unemployment, exchange best practices in the fields of youth empowerment as well as to develop the strategies for the future joint projects aimed at unemployed young people. The project took place in Wisla, Poland from 14th Nov-21st Nov 2016.

Youth in Local Elections

In the frame of the ERASMUS + program, KA3, eight (8) members of ERA Center took place in a 7-day summit meeting in Turkey. This event was attended by 40 young people from Turkey, Croatia, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Macedonia. The objective of the summit meeting was to promote the active participation of young people at the local level, share good practices from different countries as well as meeting with legislators and decision-makers.

The program took place in Tekirdag, Turkey, from 19th August to 26th August, 2016. The summit programme was organized in the form of workshops and formal education with interactive methods approach. During the program, the participants had an opportunity to discuss with the decision makers, like MP, mayors, and heads of youth branches of political parties.

Participants had the opportunity to visit public institutions as well as youth projects run by municipality. They also had an opportunity to visit some places in Thrace region and tasted some of the local culture, sights, food and music.

Improve Municipal Policies for People with Disabilities

Goal of this project is to produce a long term framework in two municipalities in Macedonia, where the Local disability Action Plan is being the instrument for equal treatment and life free of discrimination on the local level where persons with disabilities will have equal access to infrastructure and services as all other citizens, and therefore extend their participation in the life of the society through the exercise their political, social, economical and cultural rights. This project is implemented in partnership with Association of People with Disabilities Shpresa-Skopje and supported by USAID Civil Society Project.


To highlight the importance of cooperation between local authorities, NGOs and local organizations of persons with disabilities in decision making processes. To increase the capacity of Disable People Organizations to be able to take part in creation of local strategies and later to check, monitor and request corrective measures to the actions of local governments. To create a common view on disability policy by increasing the awareness within the community.

ERASMUS + “Young People in the Media”

Youth from Macedonia together with youth from Turkey explored the media sector in Turkey.

“Young people in the media" is the name of the project implemented by the Chechen Cultural Association from Kahramanmaras, Turkey, in partnership with Center for Training and Consultancy (ERA) from Macedonia. The project was supported by National Agency of Turkey, under the Erasmus + program. Participants of this project (11 Youth from Macedonia, together with 15 youth from Turkey), from 25 January to 11 February 2016, in the region of Kahramanmaras, explored the media sector.

In their exploration, they visited various media house from Turkey, followed interviews, news and learned about the power and influence of the media. The participants were also trained on how to prepare newspaper article and how to comment the sport events.

Youth Resource Center ( YRC)

YRC provides numerous services to youth such as: information on existing laws regarding employment of youth, information and support about Active Employment Programmes and Measures, job search, personal or employment counseling, resume writing, business plan writing, interview preparation and skills training.

The center’s priority is the training of the youth according to a market that s getting global and which market is seeking skillful personnel who should be adjusted to the various conditions, personnel who should be creative and able to work individually.

Training Program

ERA is mainly focused on providing training and consultancy to women and youth group in order to enable them to develop Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes, Values and Creative Acts necessary for the development of their individual and organizational capacities.

After School Club

With the support of Swiss Developmet Cooperation SDC,in 2010, ERA has opened After School Club. After-school programs provided a wide array of benefits to children, their families, schools, and the whole community.

After-school programs also contributed to raising children's self-confidence as well as academic performance. This club has organized different activities for children and has involved the kids in the planning, preparation, and even leadership skills. We believe that the more the kids are involved in the activity, the more successful the activity will be.

Empowerment Initiative

The goal of this project was to create women leaderships in all fields to enable them to defend women’s rights and represent women at all levels of the decision-making process.

Specifically, the objectives of the project were:

  • To raise awareness among women of their need to participate in all the political, administrative, economic and social fields of life.
  • To train and empower young women in order to ensure their active participation at all levels of decision making.
  • Networking (coalition) among women organization to coordinate efforts for protection and promotion of women rights.

Disability Action Plan

ERA representatives participated on development of Disability Action Plan for municipality of Gostivar. The goal of this project was to support local authorities to fulfilling their obligations in creating policies related to disability at local level. This project was implemented in cooperation with Municipality of Gostivar and Association of People with Disability "Shpresa"-Skopje through Financial support of The Balkan Trust for Democracy.