Our Mission

Mission of Center for Training and Consultancy ERA is to empower women and young people by building their leadership virtues, economic and educational opportunities, so they become changes promoters in their community.

Our Services

ERA is mainly focused on providing training and consultancy to women and youth group in order to enable them to develop Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes, Values and Creative Acts necessary for the development of their individual and organizational capacities.

Our Values

-Creativity -Excellence-Respect -Leadership-Diversity-Empowerment-Equity -Advocacy

European Voluntary Service Accreditation

ERA- Center for Training & Consultancy is accredited as Sending Organization on the basis of Accreditation code number MK.E+ 2016-1- MK01-KA110- 021643 within the European Commission’s Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme. Accreditation is valid till 31.12.2020