About us

Centar for Training and Consultancy of women-ERA, is a nonprofit organization established in November 2006. ERA is committed to educating and empowering women and youth to effectively create positive changes in their communities and serve as active players in decision making process in their community.

ERA is mainly focused on providing training and consultancy to women and youth group in order to enable them to develop Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes, Values and Creative Acts necessary for the development of their individual and organizational capacities. ERA is also focused on participation of European Mobility Programmes ( ERASMUS+)

The objectives of ERA are:

  • Promote international mobility projects for youngster.
  • To increase awareness of the public in general about the specific problems faced by women and young people in all sectors.
  • To identify, through consultation and research, the problems related to women and young people,
  • To afford the opportunity for personal development through the provision of programs that enhance life skills, self-image and vocational motivation.
  • An inclusive environment encouraging participation from all ethnic groups.
  • To provide an opportunity for social interaction.
  • To promote cross cultural understanding and increase of intercultural dialog and cooperation between people
  • To develop action-orientated strategies and mobilize women and young people to take steps that will help to change their social, political, economic and legal position,
  • To work towards greater equality and the removal of all cultural and legal barriers which hinder the advancement of women.

For realization of above mentioned objective, ERA is cooperating with public, private and civic sector.